Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Got Bored....then I got Creative.

LMBO- My husband is going to think I'm insane.

He has a face tattoo....Says Whirlpool. I tried to talk him out of it, but you know kids these days dont listent to a thing us grown-up have to say about anything. Oh well....his decision.

At least I dressed him properly for winter. I even got all fancy and put REAL fringe on his scarf!!!


Michael Dodd said...

I'm not saying you have too much free time ...

I bet Flat Stanley-Christopher would have loved it!

Sunny said...

LOL.... Flat Stanley is still here and he says its the best snowman he's EVER seen...of course, he's only seen the one in my kitchen so he's easily impressed. Hahahahahahah!!

As for Free time- I have next to NONE, there's ALWAYS something that needs to be done(as I'm sure is true up your neck of the woods as well) but every once in a while, I have to just blow off the has to be dones for a bit of creative time. Otherwise I would go absolutely mental.


I cant WAIT to get started on the rest of my holiday decorating!!! That will be not THIS weekend, but next- altho I MAY do the Snow Village this coming weekend so it's out for Thanksgiving Guests. I just gotta figure out how to get the thing down from the storage ledge in the Gameroom!! It's the only downside I've seen to these huge tall rooms. Everything needs a ladder to do!!!