Saturday, November 09, 2013

What a Wonderful Day!!!

Today we went into St Helens to get Paul's Christmas Prezzie. 
He wanted a new Tattoo, so he got one.
I love it.....It took 4 hours.

While he was getting that done, I took advantage of the time and went shopping and got what I wanted for Christmas. Decorations for the house. Yes, I told Paul in all honesty I wanted to get a Tree(I really want a fresh cut one this year- but will settle for a nice artificial one if needs be.)...and decorations to go with the few we brought from the states. (and a box of chocolates under the tree Christmas Morning.-No joke- That's REALLY what I want)
 This is what I got on my shopping spree....
 My lovely, lovely red glitter and white glitter icicles. The carousel is from our venture into town last week- another charity shop find for only £1.50. Lawd, I LOVE Charity Shops!!!
 I think the garland is gold...or silver, I can't remember and you really can't tell from the photos or the light.( Okay-it was bugging me that much that I just got up off the sofa and took the bead garland into the kitchen where the is actual BRIGHT light and the light colored garland is GOLD, not silver.)The reindeer, however, IS silver, as are most of the little assorted ornaments in front of it. They're actually white orbs, silver pine cones, and tiny silver giftboxes. There's also a Santa and Snowman Salt and Pepper Shaker for the table- or the kitchen. LOL or just to decorate something else. You know how I am.....
 Red and silver- my favorite Christmas Colors!!! I do like a touch of gold, tho- especially if they have a sprinkle of color on them, too. And let's not forget the silver combos behind them.....shiny silver, matte silver, and silver glittery ones.
 Jingle Bells!!! I LOVE Jingle Bells on a tree! Also  some holly and ivey decorations on the Red Ornaments. Glittery banded  gold ones too.
 No tree of mine is complete without Candy Canes. Unfortunately for Paul, these are the plastic ones that look like glass...not the sugary ones he and my kids like to sneak off the tree and eat- altho they threaten the little ones with  dire consequences if THEY try to snitch them off the tree. (Don't worry, I'll be buying some REAL candy canes(Usually about 4 DOZEN) to put on it too for that very purpose.) LOL. I'm not a Grinch or Scrooge.
 Glitter for finishing up my Chrsitmas Village. Having to start from scratch with just a couple of pieces we brought with us from home. And if you remember, a few months ago I found three new houses for it in a charity shop that just need a bit of sprucing up......I still havent quite decided if I want to just leave them colorful or if I want to do them in all white with the glitter as glistening snow. Both would be really nice.I may take a survey on it on my FB page to see if anyone can help me make up my mind. I gotta do it soon, I know that much. Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away!!!
Please leave a comment if you have an opinion on the matter!!!
I got all this for just under £20 and I found all this in the very first shop I went into.

Of course, they didn't have twinkle lights or some nice green garland, but I figure I can pick those up in a couple of weeks. Maybe I can find an inexpensive artificial tree in a charity shop to use for my window wreaths or swags for our windows and windowsills. I love being creative!!!

Well, it took me about an hour to get all this bought and walk back up to the Tat Shop....btw- it's called Skin Kandi..... and then I just went back and read my new Stephen King novel while "Cherub" finished up Paul's tat.
I'm reading Doctor Sleep and it's the sequel to The Shining. I rarely have time to read anything anymore(except for a bit of FB and a couple of blogs I'm obscessively dedicated to,) and it was an absolute joy to just be able to sit and READ straight thru for a couple and a half hours.I got halfway thru the book and so far- I'd defo recommend it.
I was going to take some photos while I was out and about- the sun was shining and it was lovely when we left home in Manchester and when we first got to St. Helens, but when I walked out to take some photos and do my shopping- it had clouded over and started sleeting, of all things!!! It's a shame too- because they had a little Christmas parade thing going on and Santa and his elves was out and about handing out treats to the kiddos that were in town centre that day.
Oh well, my gear isn't weatherproofed and it wasnt worth ruining it for a few photos of the goings on. There will be other opportunities in the coming weeks, I'm sure.

Anyway, then we went and visited with the in-laws a while, then trucked up to TESCO to get our groceries. While we was there, we got our turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, you heard me right, After 3 years not celebrating Thanksgiving, we are going to invite a couple of friends over and do Thanksgiving Dinner together. 
One of them is a fellow American from Ohio. Lisa, who has been in the UK for over 10 years, hasn't had a Thanksgiving dinner in the entire time. She always goes home for Christmas, but not Thanksgiving.  So this year she suggested that she and I book Thanksgiving and Black Friday off work and cook the big dinner together. So we did. Lisa doesn't cook much, so I will be doing most of the actual cooking stuff, but she's going to get a lesson is a few dishes PLUS she's bringing the appetizers and some extra booze.
We're planning on her coming over early, then us watching the Macys Parade together while we're cooking.(Hopefully we'll be able to get it SOMEWHERE on the telly or the computer- and if not- then we'll just put on the yule-log on the telly and listen to Christmas music...or some Classical or something. Maybe Manheim Steamroller.)  At any rate it will be fun just having a Girly day in together.
Our other guest will be Steve, a Northern Irish Lad who will be celebrating his very first Thanksgiving EVER! He and Paul have to work that day, but they will be ready for dinner once they finish up with work.
We would have liked to be able to invite a whole group of work-mates over, but our postage stamp kitchen just won't allow us to entertain like that quite yet. Not a sit down dinner. Maybe we'll do a drop-in type deal around Christmas for the rest of the gang.

Anyway. That's what we have been up to today- and it was absolutely PERFECT!!!! I really want more days like this.


Michael Dodd said...

Sounds loverly.

I am going to Texas this year to spend Christmas with my family, which I haven't done in ten years. For the thirty years before that, I was in the monastery and spent Christmas with the community and working -- saying Mass, hearing confessions, all that stuff.

My father died a couple of years ago and my mother will be 85 in early December. So I am heading south to enjoy Christmas with her while she is still in great health. Tom's family will all come here to Wisconsin for the holiday, so he will have plenty to occupy him while I am away.

As for Thanksgiving, because of being away at college and then in the monastery, I have celebrated Thanksgiving with my family-of-origin only once since 1967. Yipes!

Serendipity-Do-Dah said...

That is an awesome tattoo!