Monday, August 11, 2014

How Unprofessional- But Unforgettable!!!

Every once in a while, you're having a bad day and then some little gem comes along and makes it all better.

I was at work- and taking phone calls for residents who are due an inspection on their medical equipment.
A dear old gentleman called me for a reschedule. He was quite cranky and he was probably the 10th person I had gotten a call from that day that was in a "bit of a mood", shall we say? Well, he said, he was going on holiday that week-so after me very sweetly telling him it was no problem to reschedule for him, he decided to give me a bit more information.

"Now, darlin' I really don't think I NEED an inspection, truth be told!"he said in his adorable thick Irish accent. "All I have is a wee bath chair in th' tub, you see."

I chuckled and said- "Well, now. We both know how the government likes to keep things safe  for us, now don't we?"

He then lowered his voice(like someone was going to overhear his reply) and said "Me Darlin', I've seen wee laddies and lassies with TOYS higher than this bath chair!" and then he actually SNORTED!

It was so unexpected I started giggling and in turn he started chuckling. Then he REALLY turned on the charm and I just was sitting there with tears running down my face as I tried , not very successfully to be honest, to get my giggles under control and reply to the man.

He just laughed and said "Well, now I've made yer day, lass, I'll be going and eating me dinner. Ye'll be sending another letter as t'when the appointment date for that dangerous bath chair will be, I'm taking it? Ye'll be having a good day then. G'bye!!"

And without further ado- he hung up.

I was chuckling the rest of the day...but that will be a call I'll not easily forget for the rest of my life.
(Darby O'Gill)


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Dianne said...

I would totally have enjoyed that phone call and especially the Irish brogue! Time for me to catch up on blog reading! Hope all is well...


Betty Rage said...

Fabulous!! Handled like a true pro xxxxx