Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Wee Ghostie Strikes Again...

Remember me telling yall about our wee ghostie?

No?...Let me jog your memory.......

This was the photo I took when we came home from being out all day and when we glanced up- this is what we saw. And it's the perfect heigth for a 8-10 year old child...... well, things had been being moved around in the house- one thing in particular- my angel on a shelf  was moved several times while we was at work and no one was in the flat......
Well, anyway, things had settled down  for the past several months. Until this week.

Hubby and I have our two favorite mugs. We keep them on the side tables by the sofa. We leave them there when we go to bed at night- and the following day after work, I come straight in, grab them off the tables, wash them while the kettle is boiling, then make Paul his Tea- and make my coffee.

Well.......we had our usual on Sunday night before bed. Drank our beverages, and went to bed. Got up the next morning, got dressed and went off to work- where we have our first cuppa in the mornings instead of at home.
Came home. .....Paul's cup exactly where it usually is...mine- nowhere to be found. I looked all evening.
Yesterday, same scenerio....still no mug- Paul laughing at me- thinking I'm just upset and overlooking it- says he will find HE gets up and looks....and then BOTH of us look- and now he's as baffled as I am.

I came in tonight, had another  scavenge, looking in all the most unlikely places ever- Behind the desk- under the fridge, behind the cooker, under the bed, in the bathtub and behind the washer and dryer. Still nothing.

And I snapped. I've been irritated all week long and this has just sent me over the edge.
I've been perfectly happy living with the wee ghostie and the shadow people, but I told them in no uncertain terms that this was NOT funny and I want my mug back where I can find it immediately!!!! It's one thing to pull silly pranks- it's quite another to make off with the lady of the house's favorite mug.

I hope I wasnt to harsh when I told the weee bairn, but I want what I want- and if it's not found by the weekend- I will do exactly as I said I would and I will sage the place and banish the spirits from MY house.

We will see what will happen.


Betty Rage said...

Eeeeeeeekkkkkkk!!!! Naughty ghostie!!! I think by you telling him off will make him put it back.

Be grateful he didn't steal your favorite heels!! If he did that to me, I would be one vengeful Betty!!!

Stay fabulous!!

Lots of love

The fabulous Betty Rage xxxxxx

Michael Dodd said...

Perhaps it was not a ghost but a fairy who took the mug to indicate that he/she is thirsty? Even if you get the mug back, you might want to put out a saucer of milk or even beer to see if it helps. My Welsh ancestors used to do that. If there is any left in the saucer the next day, pour it into your garden so that it can seep into the ground.

Of course, it might attract other more visible critters, too!

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