Sunday, December 14, 2014

I'm GUTTED........Heartbroken.....Christmas is RUINED!!!!!

Well, as you can see I'm starting to feel a bit more like myself.

I just talked with my mother in law. Asked her what time we were expected on Christmas Day and if there was anything I could bring.

She replied if we could find a non- alcoholic wine.....???? I think that's called grape juice, maybe?That we can do........

I told her I was really looking forward to her Christmas Cake this year...I mean literally DREAMING about it.
Y'all know me- I'm a chocolate kinda girl...or an all white kinda girl....I'm not big on fruit cakes. The kind of fruit cakes I was used to are the kinds that everyone re-gifts year after year that finally end up being used as doorstops because they taste so hideous. mother in law's most certainly is NOT like that. She spends a month or more making it. The fruits and nuts in the lovely cake...baked then doused with that lovely spirit sauce daily..or weekly- or I don't know what she does but it's the most lovely explosion of mixed flavors in your mouth......Like a big Christmas Celebration on it's own. Absolute Heaven. You know it has to be for her to convert this girl to not just liking fruitcake- but LOVING it and having dreams about it in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

But this year due to the new weight loss plan her and the Dad in law are on(I'm supposing I don't know for sure but this is my theory) she has decided to forgo the tradition and she went out and BOUGHT one.
Oh the shame!!! The disappointment!!!! The heartbreak!!!!!

It's just too much for me to bear. Christmas is ruined.

Yes, I'm fully aware I can be a bit of a Drama Queen at times. THIS once is TOTALLY justified tho.

 I cant wait until NEXT Christmas. Maybe I can get the recipe from definately won't be the same- but I could TRY it.


Michael Dodd said...

That is a disappointment. It is hard for me to imagine such a lovely fruitcake -- my memories run to the "should have been relegated to doorstop years ago" variety. Maybe something even more delightful and surprising will pop up this year to make your season bright.
And if you do get the recipe, remember to share it with those of us who might want to venture a try. I am not much of a baker, but if it fails, we can always use another doorstop.

Sunny said...

Michael, if I can get the recipe- I'll make one and MAIL it to you and Tom for Christmas!!!!

I'm not joking her Christmas Cake is life-changing!!!!

afshan hussain said...

Food is memories :)
You should watch this movie: The hundred foot journey.
You sound like you'll like it :)
Have a great time.