Saturday, November 07, 2015

And Then Life Happens....

I'm baaaaaaaack!!!

Sorry it's been so long but I have had some STUFF going on in my life and I just couldn't bring myself to write a post.

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do to preserve your sanity and that's exactly what I doing.


We had our Halloween Dinner Party.
I sent out invites I did myself. Chiller font in blood red.
Then I hand drew cobwebs in all the corners and a couple of spiders on it too....tied it with a black ribbon in scroll form and hand delivered them.

 There was lots of rearranging of decor too before I was happy with it.
It started out like this....

But ended up like this......

I just don't like over-sized table centerpieces that get in the way of guests being able to see and conversate with each other. (That's a Southern Word in case y'all're wondering.)

It was originally just a get together dinner of the Dinner and Board games group we belong to with some workmates. It was our turn(kind of) to host the get together and I threw out the idea of costumes as a throwaway comment- fully expecting everyone to say nah....too much trouble. But they all surprised me and threw themselves into the spirit of things....

Velma, Shaggy and Tiny little Scooby on Shaggys shoulder.

Can you guess? Exactly!! Wednesday Addams and Lurch!!!!

A Sith Lord from Star Wars

Vicky Pollard from Little Britain.
I was absolutely THRILLED at their awesome outfits!!!!

This was the menu.....

Everyone loved it.... and everyone had their favorites.

 We did provide rolls in case anyone wanted sammiches instead of fork eating it- and they did.
Lurch's favs were the BBQ sauces and Pulled Pork. He ate I think 6 of the sammiches.  Velma's fav was the Ranch Potatoes. Wednesday's favorite was the baked beans.

Im not sure what The Sith Lord and Shaggy's favorites were. They didn't really say.

Anyway, A good time was had by all.


And in other news, I'm going to be a Great-Grandmother around my birthday end of February.To paraphrase the Great Danny Glover- I'm too Young for this $&!%!!!!


Michael Dodd said...

Awesome menu, girrrlll!
Glad you are back to blogging at least a bit. Are you working on a novel this month? And congrats on the coming addition to the family.

Our neighbor is a few days past due and we are holding ourselves ready to house-sit their four kids when she goes to the hospital for the delivery. Last night I dreamed she had already had the baby and no one had told us. They named the baby Betty Lou. When I told Tom about the dream, he thought that was way too southern a name for a Midwestern baby. (I think the name will actually be Rosemary, for one of her great-grandmothers.)

Sunny said...

LOL- I like Betty Lou!!! And Rosemary!!
Sadly, I am not doing a new book...I have been working a bit on the three I have in the works now tho.
I think that was why the blogpost- getting my mind off the two plots and the memoirs for a bit. Sometimes you just gotta lighten things up a bit, you know?
Thank goodness no party planned for Thanksgiving this year= altho we are having hubbys parents over for Dinner on Christmas Day.
No worries- Menu is all sorted on that one too!! Altho Im having a hard time deciding between my Aunt Anns Lemon Buttermilk Poundcake with Lemon Glaze or a Red Velvet Cheesecake.
Leaning towards the cheesecake to be honest tho. Very festive looking!!!

Michael Dodd said...

That cheesecake sounds yummy as well as decorative.