Thursday, January 07, 2016

It's MY Business- Not Big Brother's.

Well a funny thing happened on the way to the loo.
No, actually it didn't- but there's a story to be told here and that seemed a good way to start it since it's all about the loo...or the bathroom....or the restroom. However you want to say it.

So, there was this totally anonymous person  who opened their email at work.....well actually there were a LOT of anonymous people who oped their e-mails to find  a strongly worded missive saying quite rightly that there were some things happening in the loos that as adults we should find disgusting and needed to stop immediately.
That much I....I mean 'everyone' agrees on.

But then this puffed up bullfrog proceeds to tell everyone that 
*The restrooms aren't meeting places to have a chat with each other- you go in- do your business, and get out.
*It also isn't the place to catch up on your reading, text messages, Face book or Twitter.
* There is hand soap, water and air dryers- use them.(Also one I...I mean the anon person agrees with because I recognize voices and the number of ladies who go to the bathroom, do their business and then walk out without washing their hands is ASTRONOMICAL!!!! It's the reason said anon person doesn't eat when we have make and bakes. I ...I mean THEY-know who is clean and if  they cant be one of the first people in line I just forgo the entire event.....I mean They.

So- this puffed up wombat not only does that- she supposedly has people mailing her photos and tattling on who they "suppose" the culprits are and if it continues she has no problem with "Naming & Shaming"- (Her phrase)- the people and also speaking with their managers for disciplinary action.
Okay- now here is the problem with word......"SUPPOSE".
Really? Ummm..... innocent until proven guilty? Circumstantial evidence? Ringing a Bell here?

Not only all that- but to top it all off, someone had posted an absolutely disgusting photo of one of the complaints to her in an email and she sent it with the her words- "If I have to see it- so does everyone else."
And it absolutely was gaggingly disgusting. And it really offended me and turned my stomach. And that's something I shouldn't have to be subjected to at work.
I'm seriously thinking about making a complaint of my own about her posting that email to us all. Very unprofessional.
And that in itself is utterly disgusting.
(Yeah all pretense of it happening to Ms. Anon just went out the window.)

And let me just say something else.
As long as my bathroom breaks aren't excessively long or frequent, my breaks are MY Business- Not  Anyone else's. And if they are more frequent or take a bit longer than they should with my tummy issues, I cut my lunch short to match the time. Also none of any one's business as long as I get my work done and don't take advantage.

What I do on them while I'm doing my business- is NONE of anyone's but mine. If I want to read my texts I will. If I want to shop for my next pair of boots- I will. If I want to whistle Dixie, I will. I will also speak pleasantly to anyone who is in there while I'm washing my hands after I finish. No- it's not a meeting place or a place to have a nice chit-chat or catch up- but I will not be silent and ignore people because some pompous ass who thinks they are wayyyyyyyy bigger in the company than they really are says so.

There was a MUCH better way of handling the situation than the way it was done. And I'm NOT happy about it.

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