Sunday, January 24, 2016

Testing the Theory......Results.

Well, Let's just say that my little experiment went better than expected.

Specifically, Michael, the numbers jumped from around 120 to over 600 a day.

In other news....

My Makeover is underway.
I have my new makeup- I Have my new wardrobe......I'm on my weightloss plan.... and I go Saturday for my new hairstyle. Kicking it old school this time...The first time I went for the sleek angled bob- The last time I went for the Deb Harry/Blondie look....... this time the hairstyle I'm aiming for....some semblance of it, anyway, is a bit more polished...a bit more vintage.

Image result for marilyn monroe

I consider her the most beautiful movie star ever.

So Feb 4th I'm changing everything. Hair, make-up, wardrobe. attitude.

I want it all- and I'm going to go out and get it!!!


Michael Dodd said...

Wow! Your numbers improved significantly more than mine. I hope they stay up there. My own peaked and have been slowly declining just a few each day. With luck, however, I will have picked up some regular readers who will stay with me, even if the posts are not smoking hot.

Speaking of smoking hot, I look forward to photos of you and your new look.

Lavada said...

LOL- TY Michael...Im not going to be using many of my posts with those kind of catchy titles. Not exactly the type of audience I'm wanting to capture. Might be different if I had ads to support it- altho I think maybe that might be a good idea now too.
Im just getting ready to post the new photos now.
Stay tuned!!!