Sunday, June 12, 2016


I just watched a video of a shooting incident at the baggage area of Dallas Love Airport. (Video: Bryan Armstrong/@FlashyFilms_)

In it there are people all around- outside- and when the gunshots are fired the people just stop and look around and start asking what's going on..... More shots fired....and they are still just standing there - a couple have pulled out their phones to start vid-ing it AS the shots continue to be fired.

People were being incredibly stupid. I couldn't believe my eyes.
Even just watching the video- when I heard the shots fired- and they were LOUD because it was that close- my first instinct, even tho I was sitting in my recliner at the time, was to reach for my weapon......only I'm not law-enforcement anymore. I dont carry. I don't have a safety net to rely on. That makes me sad. More sad than you can possibly imagine.  My second instinct was to get down on the floor. And then reality came back and I was watching the video. The gunshots were a video- I and the people around me were not in any danger, I could breathe again.
I watched the video as these people just milled around trying to rubberneck instead of doing what any sane person would do- either hit the ground to avoid flying bullets or try to find a place to hide til it was safe...or quite possibly even run AWAY from the sounds of the gunfire.
Not just stand there wanting to see what's going on like they were bullet-proof. Correct me if I'm wrong, but when did cameras or phones start coming with weapon proof full body surround shields?

What is WRONG with people these days? Are we so desensitized to violence that we actually THINK we ARE bulletproof and that technology is so advanced that even if we DO get shot the doctors will  be able to patch us up good as new?????
What has happened to our flight or fight instinct? Mine's definitely not gone. I went for my weapon- then immediately upon realizing I couldn't FIGHT- my thoughts went straight to get down to (somewhat relative) safety on the ground.

We all need to sit down and have a long hard think about what to do in situations like these- they are happening more and more in the world we live in these days. Bombings....beheadings on the street, shootings in nightclubs, cafes, movie theatres.
For God's sake people- we do not live in the candy coated flower strewn world we'd like to think we do. Bad things dont only happen to others....sometimes WE ARE THE OTHERS the bad things happen to.

Think!!!! Use the brain God gave you!!!!

Rant over....ish.


Michael Dodd said...

A few years back my brother was the victim of a vicious assault at work. He survived but lives with the diminishments that it caused. (Not a gun incident, BTW.) I thought of it because of my mother's first reaction: "Things like this don't happen to people like us."

I wanted to ask her who she thought they happened to, but I knew it was just her shock talking.

But we need to take all these things seriously. And if we cannot prevent such things -- nothing can prevent ALL of them -- we need to do the reasonable thing and take care of ourselves and others if we can do so. I was at Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans and heard gunfire. I ran like mad. As it turned out, it was just kids shooting fireworks. But I felt better hearing that news from a safe distance.

Lavada said...

Im sorry to hear about your brothers incident.....I think we all have the 'things like this dont happen to people like us' in our heads until it actually does happen to us or someone we are close to... sad, but true. I hope all are Healing and come to grips....and I hope your brother got justice. Xo

Lavada said...

Also...I totally agree...better safe than sorry in the firecracker incident. Something similar happened here in Didsbury last week....schoolkids in downstairs of Costa Coffeeshop banging trays on the table and floor and yelling as they went out the door...the people ipstairs thought it was a terrorist man went out the window headfirst and broke his arm trying to alert the police. At least that guy used his good sense instead of trying to hang from his toes to get a video of it!!!!

Lavada said...
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