Friday, June 10, 2016

I'm so Excited!!!

Exciting News!!!!

I'm booking a flight end of the month to go on a visit home For Thanksgiving. My mom's health is not the best- and neither is my daughter's and mine to be perfectly honest.  I long to see my family. And I'm honestly not sure whether or not my mom will be with us next year when I originally planned on going back for my next visit. I've been having dreams recently about losing mom...probably because her 80th Birthday will be in August, but I've had predictive  dreams before. Most notably the one three days before my son, Clay's, Accident that took him from us. In the dream the boys were together- and it took three days for him to pass. I didn't know which  son it was in the dream, and three days later, my son had his accident and left us.
Anyway, I'm not taking any chances.... I'm going home in November for a visit. That's the soonest I can save enough money to  go back comfortably. I'm also going back Thanksgiving because my mom wants to have at least ONE more big Thanksgiving Dinner together before she passes. And I mean to make it happen unless the good Lord has other plans before I make it home.

I have 5 months set as my goal to get to One-derland. Below 200 lbs weight-wise.  I've been doing pretty well with my activity and diet- so I'm going to up the routine every week. I think it's doable- but JUST - and IF I really bust my butt to do it. So off we go!!

I posted a new photo on my was at lunch and I was a bit bored so I just snapped a quick photo with my phone cam.

I'm so glad it's the weekend. Finally.

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Michael Dodd said...

Working to meet your goal by November gives you plenty of time to make real progress. (Remember: Progress, not perfection.) Keep working, but know at the same time that the important thing is that people, especially your mother, are going to be so delighted to see you.