Sunday, November 20, 2016

Homeward Bound....

Happy week of Thanksgiving everyone!!

Tomorrow morning I will be jetting my way home for the Beginning of the Holiday Season!

In my earlier post I told you I was ill.... and I have been all week. I had planned to take Thursday and Friday off to fully recover- but my boss nixed that idea very quickly. It seems management hasn't planned properly for my holiday- which has been booked and approved by said management for MONTHS in advance.

Not my problem, but as I was feeling a bit better every day, I decided I could be magnanimous and come in and get what I could done. I'm happy to report I am pretty much over the illness, still having a bit of sinus drainage(eww- sorry for TMI) but I'm over the contagious part of it and all the other symptoms as well.

I have spent yesterday and today finishing up my packing- I have been doing a bit at a time for the past three weeks, bits and bobs and I sat down this morning and made out my checklist for in the morning. Step by step so nothing is left to chance.

I'm really looking forward to this visit. I've decided to bring my little Olympus Camera- it's small and  lightweight, but to be honest- it's my favorite camera of them all. It takes fabulous photos without a lot of fiddling around. And I plan to take a LOT of photos this visit. I may need to bring along an extra card tho.

I've decided to keep our Sunday Dinner simple tho. I'm making International Stew. It's a dish made up of.... British Turkey & sausages,.... Alaskan Prawns.....Onions.... Italian seasoned chopped tomatoes, Cajun seasoning, Moroccan seasoning, salt, pepper, a chicken Stock pot and an herb infused stockpot, and Spicy Mexican Rice.

I'll let you know how it tastes.

I'll also be back to let yall know how my visit went as soon as I get back.
Until then....


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