Saturday, November 12, 2016

It Is As I Feared....


Here I am, a week and a day away from going back for what will probably be my last face to face in person visit with my mom and what happens? The self centered bastard ass idiots at work who come in sneezing and coughing and filthy with the cold and flu have finally infected me.

I'm aching all over, Im running a bit of a fever and I have an itchy, scratchy throat despite my germaphobic preventative measures against just this kind of thing.

The bastards. If you are sick, please do EVERYONE a favour and stay your germy butt at home.

I hope I am over this whatever it is by the time I go to get on the plane. At the moment, I am sitting here(or lying in bed, depending on the hour) taking ibuprofen and drinking LemSip to feel better. I deplore being ill. It makes me even MORE ill.

So-  today I bought new undies, socks and a new pair of Jim-jams to bring with me on my visit.  Monday I will be getting my money converted to USD from GBP. After that all I need do is finish my week at work and then finish my packing over the weekend. I can get that finished up in less than an hour. The hardest part will be deciding what to wear on the plane.

I'm going to miss my hubby horribly. But it will be so great to see the family again. Im so excited.
If only I can get rid of this bug I will be thrilled.

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