Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 Home Organization Challenge

Last week I joined a group called the 2017 Home Organization Challenge.

I actually got started on it Friday after work. There is a schedule outlined- 14 weeks- one week for each room/area. And there are checklists for each room/area as well.

Week 1 is the Kitchen... I didn't find the Challenge until it was almost over for Week 1 so was getting a late start, but since I have a postage stamp sized kitchen I thought it would take Friday evening to do- at the absolute worst- I'd have to finish it up on Saturday morning before heading out to run errands. Ermmmmmm.... not.

I'm still working on it. This is called a Challenge for a reason- it's certainly not a hit and miss quick clean. This is a PURGE and Deep Clean Challenge. All I have left to do is:
1) One small cabinet to clear out and organize.(this will be done Monday after work.)
2) My cabinet I keep my pots and pans in is always organized, but needs everything taking out and the shelves wiped down. (Tuesday after work.)
3) The wall behind the rubbish bin and the baseboards wiped down and the floor mopped.(Wednesday after work.)

Kitchen/Pantry will be done. I'll post before and after photos when each is completed.

The pantry was supposed to be Week 2 but as I dont have one and store all food in the kitchen I actually had two weeks to complete my kitchen.
I had some issues... Like cleaning between the spaces on each side of my cooker/stove and the cabinetry on each side. I have an apartment sized cooker in a full size cooker space. I ordered some silicone gap covers thinking that would solve the problem. It took me 3 hours to clean those aforementioned sides of cooker and cabinets, gas stove that cant me moved more than 2 inches to either side... it was a real challenge for sure. Then the gap fillers.... No matter how the  cooker was positioned, the fillers came up short. so now I have to figure it out. And I will....

On the bright side (if there IS one)- some of the positions I had to pretzel into trying to get to the hard to reach places to purge and clean made me glad I have been doing a bit of yoga in the past few weeks (albeit a minimum) and had made me think if I ever leave my job, there's a possibility of a career as a contortionist in the circus.
Then, on one of my breaks between chores, I learned that Barnum and Bailey is closing the act after 160+ years.
Well, damnation...there goes THAT idea.

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