Sunday, March 13, 2011


So this afternoon while Paul's Mum was cooking Sunday Roast Dinner and his Dad was off playing golf, Paul took me for a walk-about round the Village. It was about a mile or so walk we took...just so I could get my bearings and have an idea of where everything was located.
I took a couple pictures- when I get a bit more used to the area I'll take a few more at a time. But for now this is it.

Okay so the first pic is of a gate entrance to one of the houses on the Main Street in Haydock. The second pic is of a row of the houses in our neighborhood. It's really different over here.....places aren't really ZONED like ours are, there's a row of houses and then a few small businesses, then a row of houses again. And this is like that thru the entire Village.

We did go to St Helen on Saturday to do a bit of shopping and have a look around- but I completely forgot the camera and didn't get to take any pictures, so I suppose I'll have to go back and take some because there was some lovely places I could have taken some great shots!!!

Poor me...having to go do more shopping in this lovely place. I'll make the supreme sacrifice and go back and do that shopping tho...just so y'all can see the places I'm seeing. Sigh......
I'm such a GIVING person.


Odie Langley said...

Going on 11 PM where you are Sunny while it is only just about 5 here. Good pictures. At least we get a chance to see what type of houses are there. I am sure you will do much better knowing we are chomping at the bit to see specific interesting stuff. Have fun shopping and getting aclimated.

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Astra! said...

Hi Sunny, I was just browsing and came across your website. I do hope you like it here in the England. I live in Dagenham, Essex. I have never been to Haydock myself, but have been told its a lovely place. I would like to welcome you to England and hope you will be very happy here...