Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Well....12 Hours and Counting Down.....

What an adventure......

We've spent the past couple of weeks furiously packing and sorting and cleaning. And now it's almost over. I'm absolutely exhausted. Completely spent. We've had the family dinner together, had a couple of friend farewell dinners, a couple of luncheons, went to the cemetery and am finishing up the last of the laundry and packing in just a few minutes.

Tomorrow morning, I'll be washing up the dishes, vacuuming the kitchen floor, and pulling the last of our possessions out of the storage room so Julie and Eddie can take load it all up and take it to the Flea market to sell this coming weekend.

Tomorrow morning I'll be sitting here, drinking a cup of, hot cocoa, soda, water, wine, vodka............I'm not sure exactly what but something... and I'll look around for the last time for a long time on the place I grew up. The place I have come back to again and again and again for my entire life.

Who says you can never go home again? Not me.

Hopefully I'll love it in England and grow to love it there as much as I do here in South Carolina.

Paul asked me "Besides Family and Friends(obviously) what will you miss most about here?"

Here's my answer...
*Listening to the trains go by
*The Carolina Blue sky
*Good Southern Cooking
*Seeing the wildlife when I look out my window
*Knowing exactly where everything is or how to go about obtaining some obscure item
*Country music
*Our little spontaneous middle of the night trips
*Free refills on drinks when we go out to eat

I'll revise this list when I've been there for a month or so...Then we'll find out what I really miss(other than family and friends- that's a given and at the top of the list no matter when it's made)!

Wish me luck & Keep us in your prayers!


Odie Langley said...

I do wish you luck Sunny and it will take some adjusting but you will, kind of like when I went to Viet Nam, I adjusted and before too long it was just normal as normal could be in that situation. With todays technology you will still be able to get country music and connect with all of us across the pond. Post lots of pictures.

Countess said...

Wow I am in awe of you. Just the thought of such a major lifestyle change takes my breath away and makes my heart pound.
However I know you're resilient and with the man you love....and yes, we all love a good adventure.
Don't forget to keep blogging.