Sunday, March 27, 2011

Questions & Answers...With Photos!!!

So, since I've been here friends and family have been asking me specific questions about an assortment of topics. So I thought that today I would post some photos and try and answer as many of them as possible. If I've missed anything you want answered- just leave a comment and I'll try and get a few shots of whatever it is you want to know about. I'm having a BLAST here, and there's so much that is totally fascinating that I can't decide what to show y'all first! If I remember who specifically asked me about a certain thing- I'll post it- if I can't remember then I'll just give y'all a general description of who-what-when-where.....okay??

So Here we go!!!

Today Glenn and Joan took us on a little excursion to the sort-of local antiques mall. To be honest it was more of a huge indoor flea-market type thing with a lovely mixture of both antiques and odd items from more recent times. I LOVED it and could have spent the entire day there just browsing around. When we came out- this vehicle was parked directly in front of the building and I couldn't resist taking a couple of snapshots of it once I had realized what it actually was!!!

When I saw this car yesterday in the car-park in St. Helen, I immediately thought of Rhonda and Karen...I wonder WHY???!!! ;-) Yes those ARE eyelashes on a VW BUG!!!!

This is one of the entrances to a residence Paul and I walk past every day when we go on our daily walks!!!Isn't it Picturesque????

This is another little pub we passed in St.Helen. There are about 25 or 30 of them in that little area.

Okay, Mom...Here are Joan's Kitchen Curtains. Aren't they adorable???.... reminds me a lot of your kitchen curtains and also the curtains Nina gave me for our kitchen in the house we just moved out of..... In case you cant tell, they are white Irish-type lace with yellow and white daisies in a line on them. Remember the white Poinsettia valances I used to have up in my kitchen in Kay Acres? Same kind of lacy pattern but daisies instead. VERY pretty!!!

This is a picture of one their doggies, Barney, in his natural habitat....his bed. He assumes if he goes and lies in his bed- he'll get a dog treat. Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't.

This is a photo of another bit of architecture in the town of St. Helen. There's SOOOO much stuff like that I could fill a BOOK about them all!!!

This is Town Hall. Isn't it beautiful? Notice the two Red British Phone Boxes on each side of the steps!!! CLASSIC!!!!

This is a fountain I thought my mom or Cece might like to try and duplicate in their garden/yard at home. It was outside the pub we stopped and had dinner at on our way home this afternoon from "Antique-ing". The place was called The Farmers Arms. Exactly what you think an English Pub would be like...smallish, decorated with white walls, dark floors and accessories, a beautiful polished wooden bar and filled with smiling friendly people just chatting away with each other!!! Dinner consisted of an appetizer of Cream of Chicken soup and a roll... (The cream of chicken soup we get in the supermarket doesn't even BEGIN to compare with the soup at that pub!! I could make a meal of it alone!!!) Main course was Roast lamb, Roast and new potatoes, Carrots, cabbage and green beans with gravy over it all. And dessert was an Apple Crumble in a vanilla custard cream sauce. Absolute BLISS!!!! As a side note- I've had quite a few types of wine- mostly red because I LOVE red wine- and a proper pub drink with a couple tastes of whatever Paul was having as well just to see what it was like. My absolute favorite drink so far is a half-pint lager with lime. I know it sounds nasty- but believe me- it is wonderful- doesn't even really taste like an alcoholic drink!

This is one of our neighbors front lawns...or "Gardens" as they call them. Paul laughs at me because we'll be walking along on one of our daily "constitutionals" and I'll see something really pretty like this and just whip out my phone and start taking pictures of them. Paul says they have a thing like a "Neighborhood Crime-Watch" in our area and he's just waiting for the day that someone calls the coppers on me or comes charging out demanding to know who I am and what's occurring? I just laugh and tell him he worries too much-....once I open my mouth and speak, they will totally understand...and probably invite us in for a cup of tea so they can hear more of my southern drawl!!!! :-) Yeah- I CAN use that accent to my advantage when it suits me!! Hahahaahahah!!!

This is the front of our house...or Joan and Glenn's house. :-) I'm not gonna be a Stacy and say it's not MY home- because in all honesty- Joan and Glenn (AND the rest of the family too) have made me feel so comfortable I'm beginning to feel at home here. I DO have my moments I feel a bit homesick...but with SKYPE and my phone, I don't feel SO VERY FAR away from my family and friends. I feel as tho I'm adding TO my circle of Family and Friends. And that truly is a blessing to me!!!

This last one- again is specially for my mom....This is a pic of Joans living room curtains...altho it isnt a very good photo at all....They are dark burgundy all over with a floral pattern woven into them.

I still need a translator for some people around town. I still haven't driven an auto. I still cant get a job til I get an NIN which is equal to our SS#.

Questions???? Requests?????
Fire away!!!


Odie Langley said...

Great tour Sunny and the pictures were awesome. Can you do pictures of eateries and of popular food dishes over there? Linda & I stayed at a goat dairy this weekend and had an absolute blast hugging and rubbing on goats. My blog has pictures. Take care and say hi to your hubby for me.

Seacat said...

OMG.....Beautiful! I love the fountain and the pic of the neighbor's front garden! me some ideas about my front garden!!
Love you! Keep the pics coming!

Sunny said...

Will do, you two!!!

BTW Odie- the pubs I've shown pics of are the eateries..I'll try and do some interior pics, but many Brits dont much take kindly to the tourist coming in and starting snapping photos. I'll see what I can do tho. The food pics wont be a problem at all.....I only wish I had looked at this before my mother in law had made dinner- she made a LOVELY curry with rice and chips(fries) that would have made a lovely picture!!! :-)
cece, I cant wait to see you garden(yard) when you finish with it!!! Green Thumb Girl!!!