Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Jumpers- A British Tradition.

Christmas Jumpers- A British Tradition!

Christmas Jumpers -A British Tradition.

 Penguins- all the rage this year!!
 Loads of Santa Hats...and he got REALLY creative by pinning a kids Christmas Jumper to the front of his own!! Kudos for Creativity!!
 Harlequin...always a fav.
 Partners in Crime.....It works well with Helen's Christmas Tree next to Beth's Santa!!
 Daniel's Candy Cane Stripes!!!
 Helens OUTRAGEOUS hat!!!
 Leanne the Elf in full costume! Blurry because the girl NEVER stops moving!!! LOL.
 Suave and debonaire-even with a Christmas Jumper on.
 Nordic Patterns- always a classic!!
 This ones for my BFF Rhonni- it has all HER favorite Christmas Colors in his tie!!! <3
 Plaid and stripes- Classic Christmas themes!! Love the strategically placed Ornament, too David!!
 Cayti in her puffy snowflake pattern Jumper. Classy Lady.
 Louisa in her Christmas Angel outfit. Who is she trying to fool????? JK, Louisa. You're a champ.
 They look very co-ordinated, don't they?? NICE!!!!
 Reindeer???.....or just Deer?......We don't care-as long as it has antlers!!!

 Pat in her Nordic reindeer print!!
 I only have one word for Neil.....Workaholic.
 I LOVE this penguin!!!!
 Reindeer seem to be popular....I LOVE the Rudolf red nose.
 That's the Spirit!!!!
This has got to be the best Christmas Hat I've ever seen. Tiny-as a fascinater.....or is it fascinator?
I had one more- but the person in question absolutely HATED his and refused to give me permission to post it. So, being the sweet wonderful girl I am- I deleted  it from my post on here. And I totally don't agree- I think THAT photo was the very best one of the bunch!!

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