Monday, December 30, 2013

Recycle/Upcycle....It's CHRISTMASSSSSSSS!!!!

So, every year we would get a load of BEAUTIFUL Christmas Cards and I used to save them all...fond memories- I know- I'm a sentimental fool like that.....But space has become a really big issue now that we're here in the UK.
So I decided to recycle them....I still keep the really special ones- but for the most part......I went out and bought some of the fancy edged scissors and a hole punch. Then, the beautiful fronts(if they didn't have writing on the backside) I considered what was the best part(s) to cut out- and I'm using them as Gift Tags for next years gifts!!! Some I just used the straight edged scissors on....some I used the fancy edged scissors on, some I will tape to the packages, and some I will punch holes in and then thread some pretty sheer lace ribbon thru to attach to the packages.....Heck- Some I might even use a glue stick on the edges and sprinkle some glitter on to make them a bit more festive. MUCH prettier than the plain old ready bought stick-on ones. And I get to enjoy them TWO years in a row!!! The glitter on most of them looks lovely under the Christmas Tree Lights!!!
This is a few of them....

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Michael Dodd said...

I have done this, too. The nuns in one monastery I visited kept cards and collected them until they had a lot about the same large size. They would then punch holes along the sides and stitch them together with red yarn and make a sort of basket, which they then used to hold cards in future years.