Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I'm making only one New Years Resolution this year....to be better than I was in 2013.

That ought to be doable. I can eat a little less, curse a little less, moan and complain a little less, excersize a little more, be a bit more helpful than I was, be happier with what I have and do more to need less.

Smile More.
I like smiling- Smiling's my favorite.

Just be a better me.

Happy New Year Everyone!! xx

Monday, December 30, 2013

Recycle/Upcycle....It's CHRISTMASSSSSSSS!!!!

So, every year we would get a load of BEAUTIFUL Christmas Cards and I used to save them all...fond memories- I know- I'm a sentimental fool like that.....But space has become a really big issue now that we're here in the UK.
So I decided to recycle them....I still keep the really special ones- but for the most part......I went out and bought some of the fancy edged scissors and a hole punch. Then, the beautiful fronts(if they didn't have writing on the backside) I considered what was the best part(s) to cut out- and I'm using them as Gift Tags for next years gifts!!! Some I just used the straight edged scissors on....some I used the fancy edged scissors on, some I will tape to the packages, and some I will punch holes in and then thread some pretty sheer lace ribbon thru to attach to the packages.....Heck- Some I might even use a glue stick on the edges and sprinkle some glitter on to make them a bit more festive. MUCH prettier than the plain old ready bought stick-on ones. And I get to enjoy them TWO years in a row!!! The glitter on most of them looks lovely under the Christmas Tree Lights!!!
This is a few of them....

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Opinion Needed Please....

These are my 4 favorite photos of 2013. 
I can only enter ONE into the December Competition.....which Shall it be?
 Opinions needed please!!!
 Christmas Bokeh
 October Moon
 Red Hot Night
Autumn Flowers

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Jumpers- A British Tradition.

Christmas Jumpers- A British Tradition!

Christmas Jumpers -A British Tradition.

 Penguins- all the rage this year!!
 Loads of Santa Hats...and he got REALLY creative by pinning a kids Christmas Jumper to the front of his own!! Kudos for Creativity!!
 Harlequin...always a fav.
 Partners in Crime.....It works well with Helen's Christmas Tree next to Beth's Santa!!
 Daniel's Candy Cane Stripes!!!
 Helens OUTRAGEOUS hat!!!
 Leanne the Elf in full costume! Blurry because the girl NEVER stops moving!!! LOL.
 Suave and debonaire-even with a Christmas Jumper on.
 Nordic Patterns- always a classic!!
 This ones for my BFF Rhonni- it has all HER favorite Christmas Colors in his tie!!! <3
 Plaid and stripes- Classic Christmas themes!! Love the strategically placed Ornament, too David!!
 Cayti in her puffy snowflake pattern Jumper. Classy Lady.
 Louisa in her Christmas Angel outfit. Who is she trying to fool????? JK, Louisa. You're a champ.
 They look very co-ordinated, don't they?? NICE!!!!
 Reindeer???.....or just Deer?......We don't care-as long as it has antlers!!!

 Pat in her Nordic reindeer print!!
 I only have one word for Neil.....Workaholic.
 I LOVE this penguin!!!!
 Reindeer seem to be popular....I LOVE the Rudolf red nose.
 That's the Spirit!!!!
This has got to be the best Christmas Hat I've ever seen. Tiny-as a fascinater.....or is it fascinator?
I had one more- but the person in question absolutely HATED his and refused to give me permission to post it. So, being the sweet wonderful girl I am- I deleted  it from my post on here. And I totally don't agree- I think THAT photo was the very best one of the bunch!!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tis The Season!!!!

 The Snowman ornament with all my grandkids name on it......so far. I have a feeling that sometime in the near future there will be two MORE to add to it!
 A few random close up shots of the ornaments and decorations on our tree-since most of them are newly bought. We had limited space when we moved over here, and we only was able to bring a few of our most precious ones along.
 The gold reindeer was bought at the Asheville North Carolina Farmers Market on a trip to the Biltmore House one Christmas Season! All the kids was with me!
another of the reindeer. ....and one of the new ones we bought!
 Our Initial ornament....Silver with red stones on the side. I LOVE this ornament- but its soooo heavy!
 Can you tell the flying reindeers are one of my favs? LOL
 My husband says our tress look like Santa AND the elves threw up all over it...in a good kinda way.
 Paul doesn't really like Blue on a tree, and generally, I agree, but a TOUCH of blue here and there is really pretty in my opinion.
 Ah, the Bokeh.......its actually the reflection of the tree lights in the big bay window behind the tree.
 We don't have a proper tree topper yet, so I put the lovely Santa head ornament at the top of the tree. But the only part you can see is the big bushy beard so it looks like a giant glittery pom-pom. or maybe a snowball.
 Yes, thats just plain old red and gold and silver curling ribbon hung on the branches.It kinda gives the tree a candy confection look- and I LOVE it!!!
 Yeah- the gift pile needs work, but to be fair- the tree and decorations for our house was all I asked for for Christmas- and Paul got his tattoo for his BIG Christmas prezzie, so there's just littel stocking stuffer type gifts under the tree this year. Next year it will be different. :-)
One of my Snow Village houses. I gotta buy more houses for it. 3 is defo NOT what I call a village.
 Our Entry Way......I love it. Didn't love it so much before I added the curling ribbon and the ball ornaments and Jingle bells to it tho.
 A view of it from a bit further back...and all our Christmas Cards too.
Our Kitchen window all dressed up.

 Father Christmas was in the Square at St. Helens today taking final requests from the kids before heading back to the North Pole on Monday to start loading up his sleigh for the big trip on Christmas Eve!!!
Pretty sure that is Cupid the man is standing next to. I asked why the elves wasn't there with Santa and he said that they were WAYYYYYY too busy finishing up the list of toys and gift wrapping to be galavanting all over the world with him!!!
On a completely different note- 

At work we have all decided that instead of doing Secret Santa like we do every year and spending money on a completely useless gift we have no need of, we will be doing a Secret San-wich instead.

What we do is- on Tuesday night or Wed morning, we make a sandwich of our choice, give it a name, then wrap it and bring it into the office and put it in the fridge. Then we are writing the name of our Secret Sandwich on a slip of paper and we will all draw a sandwich out of the "hat" for our lunch!
I LOVE that idea!!!!

So, that's what's been happening with me for the past couple of weeks. Minus the doctor stuff and bronchitis......oh dang. Well, now you know about that as well. 
So that's it for now!!!