Monday, March 17, 2014

My Favorite a few new ones too....

I love discovering new blogs. Ones that are honest and open. My various finds (both recent and not so recent) include:

Betty Rage Explains It All-

In Dodd We Trust

Southern Plate

The Words of a Goddess-

Life-What The Hell Is Going On?

Witless Protection Program

Pinterest Addict

Betty Rage-.New blog, Sort of a Sex in the City type girl who is giving her views on love  and life in the UK. Loving it so far, can tell from only three posts that it's going to be interesting and controversial!! Manchester area, UK.

In Dodd We Trust-Have been following this guy for years. Love his honesty and insight into various topics. He's also written a few books! And yes- I have one of them and am planning on purchasing and reading his next one too. USA-Wisconsin.

Southern Plate- Christy dishes up not only some good southern recipes, but some southern wisdom and charm.It's no wonder I have such a hard time dieting. Published author. Alabama, USA.

Words of a Goddess- looks like a brand spanking new blog. I love finding NEW blogs and following them from day one. I've been following a half dozen or so from the start- and more than a dozen more that didnt keep it up. I stuck with following them longer than they kept up the blogging!!! We'll see how she does. I didn't even look to see where this one's from. I'll get back to you on that.

Life-what the hell is going on?- My hubby's blog. It's been ages since he posted but he has some really good reads on there. Also a published Author. Manchester, UK.

Witless Protection- Ex Marine. Loves his family and country but isnt afraid to call a spade a spade and let people know where he satnds on any number of things. LOVE this guys stuff. Another blog I've been following for years. Iowa-USA.

Pinterest Addict- This lady is defo like me- addicted to Pinterest. On her blog Eliesa actually takes her pins and tries them out and posts the results. She is one of the most creative people I know on a GRANDE Scale!! Not exactly sure where Ms Eliesa is from either!! But LOVE her blog!

If you find you have a few minutes to spare- slide by a few of these peeps blogs and say howdy!! And tell em I sent you!! 


Michael Dodd said...

Nice to be on your list! I have found most of the blogs I follow by checking out the blogs others are reading. It keeps my world expanding, likes ripples in a pond.
PS -- Tom and I are getting married on Monday in Minnesota.

Sunny said...

OMG!!! How Lovely!!!!!
Congrats To you BOTH!!
Much love and a long happy life together!!!!