Saturday, April 12, 2014

Home Sweet Home and Selflessness....

Three weeks from Monday I'm going home for a visit to South Carolina.

We've been saving for this trip for three years. And when hubby and I sat down to figure out the logistics of the trip- we quickly came to the awful realization that we had just enough money to go on our trip- BUT- it would completely deplete our savings. No money left over for emergencies. NONE. As soon as we saw the figures my heart fell because I knew what going to happen. We were going to have to postpone the trip for at LEAST 6 months to a year. Tears began welling up in my eyes and sliding down my cheeks as we looked at each other in dismay.
Then my sweet, wonderful, selfless husband told me- "Babe, you can go to visit your family on your own if you like. There will be other trips for us together. He knew it was breaking my heart to not be able to go back and see my family back home.
Then, I REALLY began crying because it was supposed to be our 10th wedding anniversary trip as well.

So, after my wonderful husband so selflessly gave me a visit with my family, we came to this compromise.

We are both taking two weeks off for our big holiday. For the first week, I'll be traveling home to spend 7 wonderful days in the states with my grand kids, kids, siblings, mom & friends, just spending time together eating and hugging and talking. My darling husband will be home blissfully playing his video games and watching movies as long as he likes, eating what he likes, sleeping as long as he likes, going into town if he likes...........not being reminded by his wife about any of the mundane things we wives think are absolutely necessary  but REALLLY aren't.

Then, he's going to pick me up at the airport and the SECOND week (which is the week of our 10th Wedding Anniversary) is all ours to celebrate the milestone in our marriage.

I think we're both looking forward to our time off- and I just want to say how thankful that I am to be married to such a wonderful man who loves me enough to make that offer so selflessly.

I swear I will work my fingers to the bone to save up for a lovey long holiday for us both soon.
I love you, Paul.


Michael Dodd said...

What wise people you are! Love finds a way. I hope both weeks are grand!

Sunny said...

Ty Michael.....Im positive they will be wonderful weeks!