Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Is It Wrong......

Is it wrong that sometimes I think the Zombie Apocalypse needs to go ahead and happen to weed out the stupid and useless people of the world?

Also to get out of having to go into a soulless job every day?

I seriously think that's the reason I watch The Walking Dead every week...because I'm so damn envious of them.

I mean imagine having to live by your wits for a change. Not having to get up by an alarm clock blaring it's inane bleeps at you. Imagine not having to get dressed in that ridiculous coat and tie and dress up clothes every day. Imagine the weight you'd lose having to walk everywhere you went- and having to scrounge for your food here and there.
I'll bet we would appreciate the little things in life a HELL of a lot more than we do now. 

I know life would be FAR from perfect. You'd learn very quickly to defend yourself- not only against the Zombies, but against the REAL monsters in the world. You'd have to. There wouldn't be a police force anymore. It would be you taking care of you and yours.

You'd learn to take advantage of every moment of your life. You'd learn to slow down and listen to what's going on around you. To SEE what was going on, instead of just letting life pass you by while you go about the daily grind of what you do now.

You'd learn to love hard and fast....and deeply. Not more playing musical partners- unless there was a damn GOOD reason. You'd have to learn to trust. And things would be more equal. For everyone.   The strong would survive, the weak and lazy wouldn't.

Life would take on a totally new meaning for us all.

How long would you survive?

Me? I'd RULE the WORLD.

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