Sunday, April 20, 2014

FUBAR Week....

Ugh....This week was a complete and utter FUBAR.

First of all, I had a migraine last Sunday. But I busted my ass at the gym anyway. Two hours almost, but the walk in the fresh air made me feel a bit better. Then, I had an upset tummy a couple days in a row. Then I had housework to get done before we went an house/dog sat for the in laws this weekend. So I haven't got to go to the gym since last Sunday and my muscles are complaining about the lack of exercise.

Then we went and house/dog sat and I tell you- hubby and I are both still aching from sitting on that furniture. It's like sitting on a waxed park bench all weekend. Honestly, I love my MIL- but I don't think I have ever sat on more uncomfortable furniture in my entire LIFE.
And I hate to say it- but unless theres  some type of emergency situation going on- I won't be going and doing that again........ for a VERY long time. I wouldn't mind so much, but it's almost every single long weekend we have, we end up going there to babysit those dogs.
 WE don't have pets for a reason- we don't want to be tied down with the responsibilities of pet ownership. Yet somehow- we end up not having the freedom to go and do what we want on our long weekends because we are looking after the parents pets.
Well, not for a few months. I refuse. My back can't deal with it.

Tomorrow will be two weeks before I go home for my visit with my family. I'm so excited. I'm looking forward to it. 4 years is a long time. I'm looking forward to those hugs and kisses most of all.

I really really really need either a good workout or a really really really long massage.
Tension city.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Home Sweet Home and Selflessness....

Three weeks from Monday I'm going home for a visit to South Carolina.

We've been saving for this trip for three years. And when hubby and I sat down to figure out the logistics of the trip- we quickly came to the awful realization that we had just enough money to go on our trip- BUT- it would completely deplete our savings. No money left over for emergencies. NONE. As soon as we saw the figures my heart fell because I knew what going to happen. We were going to have to postpone the trip for at LEAST 6 months to a year. Tears began welling up in my eyes and sliding down my cheeks as we looked at each other in dismay.
Then my sweet, wonderful, selfless husband told me- "Babe, you can go to visit your family on your own if you like. There will be other trips for us together. He knew it was breaking my heart to not be able to go back and see my family back home.
Then, I REALLY began crying because it was supposed to be our 10th wedding anniversary trip as well.

So, after my wonderful husband so selflessly gave me a visit with my family, we came to this compromise.

We are both taking two weeks off for our big holiday. For the first week, I'll be traveling home to spend 7 wonderful days in the states with my grand kids, kids, siblings, mom & friends, just spending time together eating and hugging and talking. My darling husband will be home blissfully playing his video games and watching movies as long as he likes, eating what he likes, sleeping as long as he likes, going into town if he likes...........not being reminded by his wife about any of the mundane things we wives think are absolutely necessary  but REALLLY aren't.

Then, he's going to pick me up at the airport and the SECOND week (which is the week of our 10th Wedding Anniversary) is all ours to celebrate the milestone in our marriage.

I think we're both looking forward to our time off- and I just want to say how thankful that I am to be married to such a wonderful man who loves me enough to make that offer so selflessly.

I swear I will work my fingers to the bone to save up for a lovey long holiday for us both soon.
I love you, Paul.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

On Doctors and Cabbies....

So, today I had a somewhat early appointment at the doctors for a few tests(ie Fasting Blood Work) to see if they can figure out why the blood sugar drops have increased in frequency in recent months and to check my kidney function, too.

Well, I am going into work late- good thing I asked for a half day holiday allowance.

Got up- showered and washed my hair and straightened the house again while I was waiting on my hair to towel dry so I could style it and get dressed.
Called and ordered the cab. Finished up all that stuff and then went to the doctor's appointment.

Got there- didn't have to wait long, went back and this lab woman is NOTHING like the woman at my previous doctors office or hospital. It bloody HURT like heck when she was sticking me to take the blood- and it took FOREVER for her to do it, too. Now, I haven't gotten lightheaded from blood work but ONCE since I got here......Luckily that time I had my MIL with me and she took lovely care of me afterwards.

Well, It hurt so much and took so long for her to do it- that I got I had to sit til I could stand without falling on my face. I SWEAR I could feel that blood being sucked into that vial and the needle sliding around as she did whatever it was she was doing...changing vials I think...they took 4 or 5 of them for the different tests. So I called the cab afterwards, and I decided to come home and get something to eat in me.

THIS cab driver scared the bejezus out of me with his driving skills...or lack of them.

First of all- when I call a cab, I fully expect him to know how to drive...basis driving skills are essential for cab drivers and bus drivers if you ask me. He didn't. And as my husband can tell you- I'm a very nervous rider anyway. But this guy OUTDID himself.  Dodging cars(that didn't need to be dodged), speeding, trying to pass cars in the wrong lane- and realizing that there was a car TURNING is the reason the traffic was stopped in front of him........Needless to say I was praying the entire way home and my tummy was lurching anyway without all that mess going on.

Secondly- Okay- a cabbie should KNOW HIS WAY round the town he's driving in. And if he doesn't- at LEAST have a GPS in your cab. God's sake- in this day and age there is NO REASON WHATSOEVER a cabby should be asking the passenger which way is it......that's why I called a dang cab- cause I don't know my way around Manchester, you idiot!!!

Well, anyway, I finally made it home. Got something to drink, ate a sammich and I'm now waiting for  the cab so I can go in to work. Not in a great rush to be honest. I  don't absolutely have to be there til noon and I'm still shaky and I know my boss would rather |i feel normal when I come in that be all faint and dazed and confused.

 I will work from noon until 4 PM today- I'm having a carb loaded Brunch now.
Anyway- that's been my day so far..... I'm so glad this week is almost over.

Saturday, April 05, 2014


Remember this post?

Well, I'm starting to freak out a little again.

So I've been seeing ads for like insurance all that's been on the news is the Malasian Air stuff.......and then last night took the cake. I'm sitting here on the laptop doing some research for my book, and I look up and what do I see? FINAL DESTINATION is on and the plane explodes JUST as I look up at the TV.

I'm already a bit nervous- okay a LOT nervous about the visit home due to the fact that I'm going ALONE. I've never flown alone. EVER.

I'm trying to be not nervous about all of it- but it's just not working very well at the moment.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Is It Wrong......

Is it wrong that sometimes I think the Zombie Apocalypse needs to go ahead and happen to weed out the stupid and useless people of the world?

Also to get out of having to go into a soulless job every day?

I seriously think that's the reason I watch The Walking Dead every week...because I'm so damn envious of them.

I mean imagine having to live by your wits for a change. Not having to get up by an alarm clock blaring it's inane bleeps at you. Imagine not having to get dressed in that ridiculous coat and tie and dress up clothes every day. Imagine the weight you'd lose having to walk everywhere you went- and having to scrounge for your food here and there.
I'll bet we would appreciate the little things in life a HELL of a lot more than we do now. 

I know life would be FAR from perfect. You'd learn very quickly to defend yourself- not only against the Zombies, but against the REAL monsters in the world. You'd have to. There wouldn't be a police force anymore. It would be you taking care of you and yours.

You'd learn to take advantage of every moment of your life. You'd learn to slow down and listen to what's going on around you. To SEE what was going on, instead of just letting life pass you by while you go about the daily grind of what you do now.

You'd learn to love hard and fast....and deeply. Not more playing musical partners- unless there was a damn GOOD reason. You'd have to learn to trust. And things would be more equal. For everyone.   The strong would survive, the weak and lazy wouldn't.

Life would take on a totally new meaning for us all.

How long would you survive?

Me? I'd RULE the WORLD.