Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I Do It To Myself.

Why must I make everything so complicated?

For instance, Not the best week for me.... so I ask hubby to pick up some sammich innards while he's grabbing his lunch at the nearest Tesco. I think, well, we can have a simple supper....either Pancakes....or bacon, eggs and toast.....or sammiches and tater chips.(Crisps)

Well, he gets us some lovely roast beef slices and when we arrive home, neither of us has our hearts set on anything specific, so I decide to make roast beef sammiches for our supper.

So, I go into the kitchen, pull out the finger rolls(Like Miniature Hot dog buns, actually) and then as I pull out the Swiss cheese from the fridge, think, well, I have some already sliced onions- and there is a couple of bell peppers in here I could slice up and toss in a pan to eat with it...so I do that too.. And I think well this is going to take a few minutes to saute so I'll just throw a few Oven fries into the oven too....so I do that. And then while the onions and peppers are sauteing I add a sprinkle of teriyaki sauce in the veg, and let all that yumminess soak in and then I put the cheese in the buns and wrap em in foil and place them on the back of the stove-top so the heat from the oven warms them up....then I slice the roast beef into thin slices and add them to the veg to heat and now the oven fries are done and I'm getting ready to add the onions and peppers and beef into the buns with the melty cheese and add a bit of mayo to the top and put a few fries on a plate with a couple of them and THAT was my EASY Meal???????????
Expected to be in the kitchen 5 minutes putting the sammiches together then have a lovely relaxing evening and end up spending 30 minutes in there making an actual MEAL!!

I wish I wasn't such a creative cook- Life would be so much easier if my "Recipe Book" was a Delivery Menu Directory!!!!



Michael Dodd said...

But how much more delightful your meal became!

Ricksta said...

Oh, you suffer from that as well! My wife and I, always. Once we decide on what we want which can be a "chore" as well. Perfect for each other, she and I.
And what a meal. Must copy that one. ;-)