Sunday, August 07, 2016

Sunny Sez....

Well, that was a LOT of work for that little bit of video. Honestly, it's been a lot more fiddling about than I wanted to deal with... over 2 hours doing hair and makeup...then another 20 minutes set up....then about 7 minutes recording time...then 20 minutes putting everything back how it was for Paul's recordings, then downloading the video to my laptop and then an hour processing on Youtube, ...then transferring it to my blog.

 Lot's of room for improvement before they are even close to the smooth calming video style UrSpo showed on his. Aspirations. 
I have noticed I say Ummmmmmmm....entirely too much. I'll work on it.

These vids will be a special once in a while feature now that I know how much work goes into them, but the hardest one is done now so they should get a bit easier from here on out. 
Once a month, say?......with the occasional extra thrown in when something I just can't wait to tell you about happens?

 Hey, Oh, We'll see how it goes!!


Michael Dodd said...

Yay! It is so nice to hear your voice (they must love your southern accent in Manchester) and to hear about your family. Such a southern thing, talking about our families.

Hoping to hear more about your book projects, too, some day. A friend asked me recently what I planned to do for this year's November novel project, and I mentioned that the last one sort of sprang from a single line (that "first line" you mentioned) and I am hoping a line will pop up like that this year, too. Anyway, thanks for this, for going through all the hassles to get it going and thanks in advance for the future vlogs!

Sunny said...

Im glad you enjoyed it, Michael!! :)

Sunny said...
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