Saturday, May 14, 2005

Creative Macho Shows

..... American Chopper.... Monster Garage....... Pimp My Ride......

Most men love creative shows like that. It's just a fact of life. Most women can walk into the house at any given time and pretty much figure if hubby is watching TV- it will be one of those creative macho shows. Men like to show off their skills in creating and building. They love to DO things.

They turn off the TV and decide to take a walk around the property to get some fresh air and excersize- you know-check things out. They walk around and head towards the back of the estate...and lo and behold- they find a treasure trove of unused materials....old furniture- stored autos in various staes of disrepair, spare plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, and building materials. Why- those guys on TV would LOVE to have this stuff.

Wait a minute! Inspiration strikes!!
A smile spreads across their face- Why they could do something creative just as easily as those TV guys!! All they need, really, is an old empty shed or shop.

Wait a minute! They HAVE a shop/shed/garage!! It's a bit messy- but if they sort it out a bit..... Yes- thats EXACTLY what they will do!!

They go to the shop and begin sorting the assorted junk that is cluttering the shop(usually things from other inspirational projects that have fallen by the wayside), and in an afternoon have a thouroughly sorted and organized workspace. Very proud of themselves, they go back to the treasure trove and begin hauling the peices they want to the workspace.

Into the evening, sounds of banging and screeching metal come from the workspace- as well as some pretty weird smells. When you go to investigate, you are turned away at the door. Seems that female hormones are detrimental to the creative thought process of the male species. So into the wee hours of the morning, the work continues. Finally they come to bed.

Next morning, the female usually wakes to an empty bed. However, the male has made a pot of coffee and left a note saying he is off to the local builders mart to pick up a few supplies.
He returns as she is sipping her second cup of coffee and she watches as he unloads some very suspcious, expensive looking cartons from the truck into the shop. She tries to go see what the purchases are- but is still denied entrance into the workspace. She decides to go to the mall to do a bit of shopping herself- (serves him right for not sharing the experience with her, don't you think?).

Over the next two days she hears many sounds coming from the workspace.....lots of grinding, sanding, hammering, hissing, squeaking...Sounds she can't even describe. Some sounds-such as the cursing and shouts of pain, she won't bother to describe - we all know them.

Third day- she is sipping on her coffee and watching as the male is dragging the materials back to the place he got them- currently being described in very colorful language as the "junk pile".

He comes in and as she hears the shower start she walks out to the shop. Inside is a neat tidy workspace. All ready for the next "project'.

Hearing the sound of the TV click on and the familiar strains of the current Macho TV Show coming from the den, she walks in and kisses him as she sits down to watch with him.

At least it got the workshop/shed/garage tidied up.

Men, you gotta love'em.

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Paulius said...

Fair enough, we do love shows like that.

However, we men also have to put up with all those DIY shows and home decoration...then spend 6 months cleaning up the mess when you decide you didn't really want mauve curtains and a shocking pink coffee table after all