Monday, May 23, 2005

Women Drivers!!

Women Drivers are the worst. No doubt about it. I AM a woman and I know.
I even had a long discussion written out to prove my points, but I decided to be straight-forward and direct instead. (How often does a woman do THAT???)

To make a LONG story short, sweet, and to the point, let me just say this.......

If the Supreme Leader of the world said to me ...
" Sunny, if you will give up your D/L forever and either walk or have a male chauffeur you around wherever you want or need to go- then I will take away ALL womens D/Ls and Women will be forbidden to ever drive any vehicle again....."

I would gladly hand it over to her.

(Face it- We may be HORRIBLE drivers, but someday SOON we ARE gonna RULE THE WORLD!)

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serendipity said...

I agree to a point, but i actually consider myself to be a pretty damn good driver. I have however caught myself bitching about 'women drivers' as I drive along getting frustrated at the women who only ever ue their car to go grocery shopping or take the kids to school. :)