Saturday, May 14, 2005

If It Weren't For Bad Luck.....

Why is it that I have such BAD luck?

Not ALL the time, mind you- just when I have something special planned. Or more to the point- when I have ANYTHING planned.

If it's not totally spur of the moment- I may as well forget it.

I have been planning a special weekend for six months, requested time off at work that long ago. My boss moves heaven and hell to give me the days off -even to doing my job himself- and a number of things happen.
First we have a medical emergency in the family. I can still do my special thing, but I feel a slight bit guilty even so.
Then it decides to rain- of course we had an outdoor evening planned.

Bad part is- this is the third set of plans we went with because we had the first two sets of plans messed up by something happening and us having to re-vamp them.

It's not just big things either. It's small things, too.

We plan to go for a long ride in the afternoon, it comes a thunderstorm with rain and hail so bad we can't see to drive and have to come back home- or don't even make it out of the driveway.

W plan a romantic dinner and buy all our favorite foods....get home, begin preparing the dinner and one KEY ingredient is either missing or has somehow managed to go bad on the trip from the supermarket to the house.

I plan to spend an hour or two soaking in the tub and preforming "Goddess Maintainence" for a special sensual night with my hubby....and ten minutes before my time set aside for it, it suddenly blows up an electrical storm (I refuse to bathe when it's lightening outside)- or the water main busts and there is no water.

I want to watch a movie on the TV and the electric goes out.

I am on the way to a dinner or wedding with the window down and an auto drives by and hits a puddle and splashes mud all over me.

I bake a cake for a special occasion and being helpful someone picks it up to carry it for me- and they trip and fall.

My car won't start on the day I have a job interview for a position that pays twice what I am making now and in which I would only have to do half the work. Not only that- but I can't get in touch with a single person I know to give me a lift to the damn interview!! Of course I don't have enough money for a cab because I put my last fiver in the tank of my CAR so I wouldn't have to get petrol on me gassing up on the way to the darn interview for the job.

Or maybe the car does start by some miracle and I hit the toll- road and at the toll-booth reach for my change only to find my little nephew has nicked it for the ice-cream truck. Needless to say, I miss the interview because the toll police pull me over and I have to explain the whole situation.
The cop laughed so hard he decided to not give me a ticket after all- and He actually paid the toll for me.

See- all those things have actually HAPPENED to me.

I wonder whenand if it will ever end...

I have a feeling that on my way to my funeral, the hearse door will come open and my casket will fall into the middle of the road and my body will roll across the pavement into the ditch, which of course will be filled with mud because it will be raining.

If it weren't for bad luck.........

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