Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Simpler Life

Sometimes I want to go back to a simpler life.

I just get so tired of always being "on call", so to speak. No matter where I go and how hard I try to disappear- someone always manages to find me.

Pagers, cell phones, GPS systems....where does it end? When will the implant chip be installed?

I don't care that you can't find anyone to work for you- I don't care that you need a ride to the library-(which BTW is only 6 blocks from your front door). I don't feel the need to come look at your precious puppy pee on the newspaper! So what?

What I DO need is some serious undisturbed downtime. Some time to be away from all the electronics- all the TV announcers yapping about their new and improved products that they are sure I absolutely cannot survive without, all the deafening head-banging non-melodic noise they have the audacity to call music, from all the telephones ringing, the cellphones tinkling out their electronic jingles, all the auto engine sounds, the puttering motorcycles and lawnmowers and the incessantly barking dogs.

I want to be able to hear the birds, the water running over the rocks of the river, the crashing waves at the ocean. I want to hear the squeak of the hammock whilst I swing and feel the wind in my hair- without the odor of petrol mixed with it. I want to smell fresh bread and chocolate-chip cookies baking and coffee perking. I want to feel the water on my skin as I swim in the pool and the sun on my face as I relax on the lounge. I want to be able to read a book without having to get up and DO something. I want to eat if and when I'm hungry- and I want to be able to sleep if and when I am tired. No schedules- no pressures.

I've had it with so called "modern technology" for awhile. I need a vacation. I need to relax.

Sometimes I don't WANT to be found!! So when I dissapear for a few days and tell you I want to be alone- leave me alone and let me have at it til I can deal with it again.


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