Tuesday, November 14, 2006

WARNING!!! STUNTS Are Preformed By Professionals & Should NOT Be Tried At Home By Amateurs.


Last night Paulius and I were having a wonderful conversation over the phone while I was at work.

As the conversation was coming to a close I asked him......"So you ARE going to go with me to run errands tomorrow afternoon, right?"

To which he gave his normal reply....HUGE SIGH with somewhat put upon voice..."I SUPPOOOOOOSE so......"

Now, normally, I would have just said "Okay." and said I loved him and I would see him in the morning when I got home- but the conversation was going so well I thought I would infuse a bit of that British Wit and Sarcasm into it.

Stupid Move on my part.

I instead said-with the same amount of sarcasm and put upon voice as he used...." FINE- NEVER minddddddd.......You don't HAVVVVVVVE to...."
To which he replied..." I WAS JOKING!!!!! DAMMIT.... you know what.???......................"
and then...................

Before I even had time to laugh about it- .............


I started ROTF laughing because, OBVIOUSLY, he hadn't realized it was me trying to be all sarcastically witty like him-(British in other words), so I dialed him back.

And he refused to answer the phone.
Seven times.
On the eight time he actually picked up and immediately HUNG UP again without saying a word.

And Obviously by this time I had STOPPED laughing 'cause it wasn't quite so funny anymore.
My hubby was really pissed at me for something he thought I meant one way but was taken the WRONG way.

So I decided then and there that being sarcastically funny like a Brit does NOT translate to Southern very well and should NOT be tried again by me, Cause It just makes me a BITCH- which I assure you I am NOT.

In conclusion .........let me just say....

Leave the witty sarcasm to the PROFESSIONALS-(The ACTUAL Brits) and don't try it at home if you're an amature like me.

And to Paulius- let me just say....It was an attempt to be cute that failed miserably. And you are the ONLY person in my life I've EVER had hang up on me and has gotten by with it. Anyone else would either be dead or strung up by their balls.

And that's because I love you so damn much.


Anonymous said...

Five words...

Taste of your own medicine.

Sunny said...


Glad you realized I was only joking and aren't mad at me anymore.

Love you!

mistyforeverlost said...

Oh dear. You are correct Sunny...Southern Sweetness attempting to be Sarcastic never mixes well. *sigh*

Hugs to both of you

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that's how John Kerry felt.

Anonymous said...

Did Paulius hang up on John Kerry?

wolfbaby said...

that sucks when things get taken the wrong way and feelings get hurt... glad ya'll worked it out.