Sunday, January 07, 2007

Best Weekend !!!!

Pauli us and I had the best weekend in a LONG time!

We were hardly on the computer at all this weekend,
We talked, we cooked together,
We watched movies- several as a matter of fact.

And we had a tussle.
Now it wasnt a bad one.


Dearest Saffyre, as you have read on Pauli's blog, sent him/us a care package form Britian. Now i say him/us because altho it was certainly sent to him to give him a bit of home- paulius is generous and shared some of his goodies with me. I've heard so much about items like Hula Hoops, Buttons, Christmas Pudding, and gourmet Pringles but didnt have a clue what they were al about. So I got a taste of thos when saffyre sent the care package.

Well some of the things were GREAT- I adored the sea salt and pepper Pringles chips, The beef flavor Hula Hoops and one other item.
But I detested the Mince pies-(Mainly because they had icing on the top of them- entirely too sweet for my taste) and the Flaky chocolate bar which basicly is tiny strings of chocolate put together into a bar of chocolate(too dry for me). I didnt get to try the noodles-I was at work when he opened them. Nor have I gotten to try the Christmas Pudding - he has yet to open that one(I think he may be saving it til his Brthday).

But the one thing I fell in love with was another chocolate bar called a Crunchy Bar. Lemme see if I can describe it to you.
It was a candy bar about three inches long and an inch square that had a layer of creamy milk chocolate covering an inside filling of what can best be described as packed butterfinger flavored cotton candy. It literally melted in your mouth after a few seconds. It was as decadent as the most expensive pure Belgian chocolate you will ever find and makes Milton Hersheys concoctions seem like bars of bland sand. I know that seems a bit un-American, but take it from a Chocolate Conissure- It's the gospel truth.

Well after that Crunchy Bar was gone- and I made it LAST, savoring every last taste I could from that small piece if Cocoa perfection- I put the wrapper in my pocket.
And kept it there for the next three days- occasionally taking it out and sniffing it to remember the taste. Yes I KNOW how weird that seems to most of you- but I'm sure the women at least will know exactly why I did it.
Well anyway, after three days of hearing a ting rattle of Crunchy Wrapper- paulius had had it and blew a gasket( not really but I'm telling this story and this is MY version of it- if he wants to dispute the story I tell here let him write his own version of it)and demanded that I stop sniffing the wrapper and hand it over to him.
To which I promptly responded my refusing to give over the last remnant of my cocoa perfection. He let it go the first time- but a half hour later i was sniffing that wrapper again and this time he put out his hand for it. And once again I refused sticking it back in my shirt pocket and spouting off that he couldnt make me.
Well at that point, he got up and walked over to me with a huge grin on his face and his palm up wanting the wrapper. I grabbed it out of my pocket and wrapped it in my fist telling him it was MINE- he gave it to me and it was MINE-MINE- MINE!!

So hepulled me up from the sofa trying to pry my hand open and take the annoyance from me- and of course you just cant DO that.
So we ended up wrestling on the living room floor for close to 15 or 20 minutes over that candy Wrapper, the whole time laughing about it like a couple of deranged lunatics who had escaped from the asylum. He eventually won and pried it from my hand- but only because I got a horrible cramp in my hand from gripping the wrapper so tightly in my hand for so long. He conceeded that I had a grip like a bricklayer(whatever that means) as he gleefully stuck the wrapper in HIS pocket.

I have to admit tho that he gave it back to me after a while. He's sweet like that, you know.

So see? Acting like a couple of juveniles is good for a couple. As long as no one else sees them doing it. Just like when we jump on the bed. Or when we go to the park and play on the slides and the swing-sets. Or when we have water balloon fights or squirt each other with the hose while we're washing the car. Or when we go out and play Lazer -Tag at 11PM at night, crawling under tables and porches and in trees and crawling around in the yard thru the grass and mud like a couple of GI Joe Special Ops guys to sneak up on each other just so we can gloat that we GOT them!!!

But I wont tell you about those things cause then you would just think we are nuts.


rayray said...

I think I just developed a cavity :(

Saffyre said...

omg Sunny - you freakin kill me doll!
Wrapper sniffing is a new one to me!

OzzyC said...

You guys have laser tag? COOL!!