Thursday, January 25, 2007

How Sweet!!

My Life is full of the sweetest people this week!!

A few shout-outs to these people.

First of all- Thanks to Paulius, who took a good bit of his time this evening to do a bit of Photoshopping for me(Elena) and my SL sisters( Aradia & Zonell) for a group photo. It takes time and a LOT of patience to get us three together and try to get us to decide/agree on anything. He has the patience of JOB but luckily we trust his judgement and prety much let him do what he will and the results were spectacular, if I may say so.

Thanks to Amanda for the Birthday card for me she sent along with Paulius' Birthday gifts and HIS B-day card.
Manda- I loved the card!!! Thank you Sweetie!

Thanks to my RL sister, Tee- who brought me an early B-day gift this morning as well- a coffee set complete with two coffee mugs, a bag of gormet coffee beans, a mill grinder, and a box of choco cookies. Two things I adore are coffee and chocolate! Thank you Tee!!

And Thanks to Kelly- who sent Paulius and me a whole box of goodies from Merry Old England last week. It had lots of goodies that put a smile on my hubby's face and introduced me to some delish new treats as well.
Thank you Ara, Doll!

And a special shout-out to all you guys- *Saffyre, *Leila, *Ozzy, *Ray-ray, *MC, *Misty, *Amelia, *Cindy(whose blog I miss reading- btw), and Kato- for the comments that keep me thinking- and just as importantly laughing.

SO- altho I didn't win the lottery this week-(AGAIN)- I feel like one of the richest people in the world to have so many people thinking about and caring for me.

I luvs ya, guys!


OzzyC said...

Damn, You and rap-master P must have had a romp in the hay last night... You both posted and you're both just gushing with love.

Good to see that things are going well for you two.

Saffyre said...

I love you both too honey!!


AmeliaGrace said...

:) :) :) Many, many hugs back atcha, lady.