Monday, January 29, 2007

Another Time- Another Place.....

Have you ever had a REALLY bad day and wanted to trade places with someone in the world who had a totally different life?
I used to do that.
I would be driving home from work , thinking about all my rotten luck and how at that moment i would give almost anything to have someone elses life.
I would come to a signal light and look over in the auto next to me and see someone smiling and think- what if i was them, just driving along with no worries.

Apparently some guy did just that- he sold his, clothes, all his possessions and routines on e-bay for something like 5700 dollars.
The lucky recipient even gets two months free consultations from the guy on how to BE him and they even get to spend the holidays with his family.
What a dumb ass.

Then I got thinking about how it would actually FEEL to live another life. To go into another persons life, where I didn't know ANYONE in it- didn't know who I could trust- who loved me and cared for me. What foods to buy at the store, what relatives I did and didn't like, what routine would I keep. What did I do for a job- what kind of bank account and more importantly debts did I have- how many children would I have and what would they be like- on drugs? pregnant? - and who knows what other problems I would have under the surface of that face behind the wheel of that auto next to me.
All the sudden it didn't look quite so appealing anymore- and my life didn't look quite so dismal.
At least I KNOW whats being thrown at me in MY life- living in someone elses world just seemed horrible and wrong.

I honestly usually started feeling a bit queasy thinking about all the strife and problems I would or might encounter in someone elses shoes.

Then this thought occurred to me....Paulius basically DID give up everything he knew and his entire way of life to come to America and be with me-
How freaking brave and courageous was that?

He had friends, family, a good job, no money worries, a good education, he had just graduated university and had the whole world spread out at his feet.

How did he do it?
How could he give up everything he knew to move around the world to start a new life with me?

I have to be the luckiest woman in the world.


manda said...

I do that a lot. If I'm having a bad day, and I'm driving around, especially in traffic, on i95, I'll be looking around crying and then I'll think about the other people's troubles, and what kind of troubles they have and how what I'm crying about is probably a lot less worse than whta they're going through, and in a twisted way it kind of cheers me up, it's kinda like you know you're not alone in feeling like shit.

AmeliaGrace said...

Re: your comment - that would be fun! If ever I can get signed on again. :P :)

p.s. I'm still new to the blogging thing, and I'm not sure what's usual. Do people usually reply to comments in the post where the comment commented? Or do they usually go over to the person's journal and reply at one of their entries?

AmeliaGrace said...

It took me no less than nine tries to post that comment. I think the entire net might be against me.

topcat99 said...

He did it 'cause he loves you, silly! And he knew what he was getting into also, since he had been here before!

Who wouldn't love our Sunny girl?


Saffyre said...

TC got it right. He did it cos he loves ya. and why wouldn't he? You're sweetand caring, fun to be with and from what I can gather - a great cook ;o)

Seriously though - I think we all want to trade lives sometimes, but when it comes down to it - how many of us would really do it.?? Not me, however bad things get.