Monday, January 01, 2007

Another Question.....

I heard on the news that North Carolina is raising it's minimum wage from $5.15 and hour to $6.15 an hour.

That's great for the minimum wage earners...but when the minimum wage goes up like that why doesnt EVERYONE get a "like" raise? I mean the rest of us bust our asses to get paid above the minimum wage- and then they raise the minimum- so SHOULDN'T we get a like amount to compensate for our effort?

Sometimes things like that just annoy me.


OzzyC said...

Raising the minimum wage is a fairly meaningless law today. Supply and demand has pushed even the most menial jobs above the legislated minimum.

And no, not everyone gets a similar raise.

rayray said...

Wanna hear something REALLY sad?
My net amount is the same as it was six years ago, even though our employer has given us several raises.
What has soaked up these paultry increases? child support and an increase in insurance rates.

So even though I may gross a few hundred dollars more than six years ago, I bring home, and try to survive, on the same amount I did when I was married.

Lois said...

On a related topic ...

Oh my, Toto! Kansas' minimum wage is $2.65 an hour. For more sobering info (like which states have NONE):