Sunday, December 31, 2006


Finally- the day I have been waiting for.

Dec 31, 2006.

This year is finally ending.
A new year in fast on it's way in and I cannot wait.
I have had so much happen this year and altho it was a mixture of good things and bad- the bad seemed to out weigh the good even tho there seemed to be more good things happen than bad.

Good things.....

*My mom seems to be back with us more now than ever since Dad passed away.
*Paulius got his green card AND his work permit so thats out of the way- no more fees and paperwork to fill out except the normal stuff like tax forms and regular bill paying. Maybe now we will be able to get that house we've been wanting for the past three years.
*Paulius parents came over for a visit for a couple weeks and I absloutely adore them both. We got on famously.
*My kids are now all employed and have their own places.
* We got two pets- a dog and a cat.
The Dogs name is Buddy- altho we kinda regret naming him that and not Capt Jack. His eyes look just like Jack Sparrows with all that eyeliner. And he has that same sort of gay swagger that Capt Sparrow does, as well as only hearing what he wants to hear.
Padme-the cat- is misnamed as well- he's a MALE, but you'd never know it- he acts like a female.

Bad things......

* A few spats between me and Paulius. I know all couples have their disagreements and such- but it absolutely kills me that we fussed as much as we did this year. I'm vowing to be a better wife this year and it wont be hard to do with a wonderful husband like Paulius at my side holding my hand, having faith in me and cheering me on.
* Speeding Ticket- I'm just not used to getting those- or any other kind of ticket to be honest. My auto insurance is down-WAS down- to $19.00 a month. I hate to see what it will go up to with that ticket. Probally 25 dollars or more.
* Second Life- the game......I have an addictive personality-and my gaming got WAY out of hand. I have quit playing S/L and hope all the bad things that came from it will go away forever.
Nuff said about that.

So- 2007 is the year for high hopes for me. We have no plans for tonight- I have to work and we aren't very party-ing people, I hope to make it up to Paulius on his Birthday tho.

I hope all you have A Safe and Happy New Year.


topcat said...

Happy New Year Sunny. I hope 2007 is kind to you and Paul.

Saffyre said...

I'll miss you in Sl girl but I understand the reasoning. Talk to you soon!

Happy New Year, love you both!

Chris said...

hey Sunny, "Happy New Year", cheers

mistyforeverlost said...

Happy New Years and HUGS to BOTH of you! You guys are the best!