Saturday, December 16, 2006

Holiday Cheer

You know, It's great having two computers.

Before getting Paulis' Laptop fixed we had to share the computer. And by the time the one on the computer has finished what they were doing, the other of us had thought of about a dozen things that we needed/wanted to do on it. So the cycle repeated over and over til we were both spending WAY too much time on the computer and not nearly enough time together actually doing things.

Well, now we can both be on the computer doing things we want/need to do and after a couple hours, we still have time to turn the computers off and actually spend time together doing real life stuff.

And the best part is- while we're both ON the computers we can still IM to each other. Now I know it might be better to actually TALK to each other...but when you're on the computer writing a blog, or an e-mail and someone interrupts you to say something or ask a question, it breaks your concentration. And being blond just doubles the problems for me, so it's really nice to be able to answer an IM when it's convenient for me. Unless you have a husband who types at the speed of light like mine does. Then you get distracted ...but its worth it with him because he is a fun guy.

I've been trying to get in the holiday spirit for the past three weeks....but my decorating mojo just isn't co-operating this year. My youngest son and his wife have graciously offered to have our Christmas Day celebration at their home this year. So I have decided that this year the Christmas tree and a few holiday things scattered in the kitchen and entrance way will do just fine for this year. I fully expect to be in a new house by next Christmas season and so will be able to decorate to the nines for the holidays. I will have at least three trees...possibly more.

I want a white one with white lights in our bedroom - I have a bunch of antique ornaments passed down from my grandmother and mother from the first years they were married- and altho I love my grandsons to death...they are all American little boys(Altho Christopher strangely enough has a slight British accent when he says Mummy)- all rough and tumble wrestling', nascar , gijoe fanatics and I really don't want them around my antique ornaments so they will go on my Bedroom tree- well out of their way.
Now one tree will be in the foyer or dining will be a green artificial tree as well, with white lights on it as well and have a color theme-red and gold, or blue and silver, or red and green and gold...or something themey.......Whatever my mind dreams up for it every year. Maybe a quieter elegance for this tree.
But the MAIN tree will be in the living room/great room. It'll be a REAL cut tree that has all the smells of Christmas grown into it. I love Frazier firs myself- I have a few heavy ornaments that need the extra sturdiness of the Frazier firs branches. This tree will have both colored lights AND white lights on it, plus all our fav ornaments that we have gathered over the years...all the wooden ornaments we bought together, all the little ornaments the kids made in school, all the ornaments that we bought on our travels thru the years on vacation, all the old ornaments I've bought over the years at the flea markets when other ppl get rid of them in favor of new bright shiny ornaments. That's something I've never understood, why do people try to sell their ornaments that they've created memories with over the Christmases and bring in new ones?
I would have thrown a hissy fit had my grandparents brought tiny twinkle lights in to replace the big old fashioned bulbs that adorned their cedar tree every year. Some things you just don't mess with and traditions at Christmas are at the top of the list if you ask me. Every year in January I go to the flea-markets for one search out and rescue the Christmas ornaments that are being discarded and abandoned by their owners. I honestly feel sad for the ones I don't get to rescue because I run out of money before I get to them all. And this explains why I have about 25 boxes and bags of Christmas decorations in my hallway just waiting to be put out and used next year. Hmmm...maybe I should add that any cash donations you would like to contribute to the Ornament Rescue Mission will be put to good use. Just send an e-mail to Paulis or myself and we will give you mailing instructions.
:-) Hehehehehe.
Speaking of Paulius- he acts like he's all put out with me when I start decorating for Christmas- but I KNOW him and when we get our new place, I suspect he will have a few thousand icicle lights and lawn ornaments and maybe even a Santa sleigh and a few reindeer to put on the roof of our house stashed away somewhere. He's not fooling anyone and I just want to go on record as saying I will be right there at the base of the ladder waiting to call the fire-department or the EMS guys should the need arise while hes doing HIS part to help make our holidays a happy, colorful one.

I know this is a strangely rambling blog post today...but it matches my mood...Rambling and Random.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!


Terry said...

Yay Sunny! Two computers!
It's okay if you scale back on the decorations this year. Next year I'm sure it'll be a smashing big Christmas in your new house.
Wishing you hugs and lots of Christmas cheer!
Love ya!

Saffyre said...

I don't even have one tree!!!

mistyforeverlost said...

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and here's to having two different houses in two completely different locations looking like the Griswalds next year (we can't decorate much cause of the remodel...bah!)