Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!!!

A few thngs holiday to post about today.....

I've been really busy lately getting ready for Christmas. Finally got all my shopping dont and wrapped up- only to discovermy 70 year old mother hadnt dont hers ecxept a few things and so had to take her shopping for the rest of hers. My mum is one of those people who finish shopping at 8PM ChristmasEve and then stay up the rest of the night wrapping it all and then complains about it.LOl- Well I went up there yesterday and helped her finish wrapping and tagging it and sorting it and stacking it into neat little groups for all the families to be distributed on Christmas Day.....or when ever some of the INGRATES deem it worth their while to come by and see her. All she has to do now is decided whose Christmas party she wants to go to on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and GO. Last year she was still in shock from Daddys passing- but this year shes so much more "with" us. I'm so glad- for a while it felt as tho we had been left by both our parents.But what can you expect? They would have been married 50 years if Daddy had lived til Christmas Day. I would be devastated if anything happened to my Paulius after only 7 years, let alone 50.

Speaking of Paulius, my Christmas Prezzie to him isnt as great as I had hoped it would be- after a week of seeming to run perfectly- it's back to doing exactly like it did before it was repaired...turn it on- it fires up quite nicely- altho still slowly......then as soon as you hit the first key to summon the Firefox goes to a grey screen for about 3 seconds and then goes to black screen and turns it's self off. So as soon as the holidays are over- its a call to the repairman for a re-do. I think I may have to break down and buy Paulius that new one he wants but has been trying so hard to not let me know he wants so badly. Yeah I do pay attention to what my hubby really likes and wants. And if only we could hit that damn lottery it would be soooo much easier to give him his hearts desire.

Speaking of hearts desires..... this is going to be our year for getting everything we want. I just know super great things are in our future this year and all the trials and tribulations of this year will be over and forgotten for good. Its been a real roller-coaster and I for one am ready to leave the carnival and go home where it's safe and secure and quiet and calm. One thing I want is to find a new couch. The one we bought on our honeymoon is a bit worse for wear after almost three years. Paulius loves it still- but his side is still sittable- mine is not....I have broken springs next to the arm and whne I sit on it I get horrible back-aches. Yes- its a Lazy-boy recliner sofa and I know it was very expensive but we got it at a real bargain and i would LOVE to have it like it was again.....but I want one like my old one we had before it. No it wasnt a recliner-sofa, and it was fabric instead of leather, but we used to siton it and face each other and read or watch TV with each others feet in our laps and a blanket over our legs. Or we would snuggle next to each other and talk...or just snuggle and nap. The one we have now had a huge flip-down center section with cup-holders and a telephone center and even vibrating controls for the seats(which we never use) that is always in the down position seperating us which I HATE.
Yes the flip-down is convenient- but I dont want convenient- i want to snuggle with my husband Dammitt. Even if the flip thig was UP- the center seat is about 6 inches higher than the side seats and so we still wouldnt be able to snuggle together. It sucks.

My house doesnt smell like Christmas.......I put up an artificial slim-tree(Or my Christmas Stick as my kids call it) this year because the biggest part of my Christmas decorations are burried in the back hallway where we packed everyhting up last year. it would take moving 22 boxes from the top of it to get to the christmas boxes-another 12 or so boxes- and I just didnt/dont have the strength or patience to do it this year. I havent done any baking this year either. I usually do some cookies and a few cakes and I used to do a huge gingerbread house for the kids. But since my kids have grown up- I havent done the gingerbread house. About 7 or 8 years now. Next year for SURE I will do it. Now i have Grandsons who i am sure will love it as much as their parents did.

For Christmas this year Theres only one thing I want. I havent written Santa a letter to ask for it- because Santa cant help me with it. But I hope to get it anyway. I'm working on it.

And for all my friends out in Bloggerland- I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday.



Saffyre said...

Merry Xmas Sunny!!!!!!

Enjoy the Xmas pudding and mince pies when they finally arrive!

Love you both!

topcat said...

Sunny & Paul,
May all your Christmas wishes come true. God bless you!