Thursday, December 28, 2006

I hate this New Blogger Stuff

Its too damn complicated for me to deal with

Every time I pull up the blogs from bookmarks.... I read the blogs....then I make the mistake of trying to comment on one...and what happens??....It wont LET me- I have to log into that damn google crap and that requires a password- which I can never remember. So then I have to go thru the whole process of doing the recover password thing- or change it. I can never remember the answers to those damn secret questions- I resent the hell out of them anyway- what is this third grade where we belong to a secret club and have to have the right answer to a question before anyone else int he club will let us talk????????

Aparently it is.

Is 2006 OVER yet? Cause it has just sucked a BIG one for me this year and i cant WAIT for it to be over.

2007 has GOT to be better than this year


Too Lazy To Log IN said...

Which is why I have been known to go to "Other" and just enter my name that way.
HOWEVER, you do run a risk of the person not really being who they say they are.
But, if someone has nothing better to do than imitate a faceless blogger person in comments, well.... I guess they are a lot sadder than my lazy....
Where was I? Oh yeah, what I meant to say is... "I know what you mean"

Eni - the faceless blogger person

Sunny said...

LOl I tried doing that as well- and it wouldnt let me do that either. lol....

And btw- I know what ya mean- i get sidetracked a lot too