Saturday, August 06, 2011

I Have A Dream.......

Spend 15 minutes cleaning out your closet.
That was my Daily Challenge from website a couple of days ago.

I've had an idea running thru my head ever since. Because- Yeah- I HAVE to keep my closet organized- Paul and I share a wardrobe- and a chest of drawers here. That's the entirety of our storage space for our clothes.

But I was thinking how awesome it would be if there were self-organizing units for the house. You know ....wardrobes, dresser drawers, linen closets, kitchen cabinets.....medicine cabinets. I mean just think of all the time that you would save. Just open the door up- toss in the(insert items here) close it- and the next time you open it, everything is arranged in a neat and orderly fashion. No sorting or folding clothes, no ironing , Just take 'em off the line/out of the dryer and throw them in the wardrobe or dresser. Color coded, short to long sleeve formal dress to undies....everything all nice and neat and done for you. Perfect!!!

And that would be a DREAM in the kitchen too......I especially like all my spices and flavorings all nice and neat and orderly. (The rest of the food-stuff too, but that stuff stays kinda somewhat orderly anyway.) But when someone else cooks, the spices and flavorings just get put back in the cabinets willy-nilly and it drives me INSANE to not be able to open up the cabinet door and be able to pluck what I want out because it's been moved. To open up the cabinet and be able to pick up whatever without looking at it would be divine!!!!!

Just think of the possibilities for the "junk Drawer" we all have.

Linen Closet? No Prob!!!!

And what a DREAM for the bathroom..........

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....Yes........well, if you know where I can GET these SELF ORGANIZING do-dads.........PLEASE let me know ASAP!!!!! Or get working on inventing them. You'll be a Squigillionaire if you do.


Jazmine Melissa said...

What a dream! If I had something to organize MY closet, I would be in heaven!

Actually...if I had something to organize my entire room, then I'd be happy. [=

Andrea @ Strawberry Chic said...

I need one of those self organizers right away! We currently live in a 3 bedroom house with no garage or outdoor shed so of course all of our "garage type" items go in the spare room...its insane!