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I thought today I'd write a post about my fav "Game Of the Year". It seems like every year or so I find a game that I just LOVE and play it almost all the time, and since I have a few friends(Cece and Terry especially) who love FV- I thought maybe they would be interested in this one too.

This years is Minecraft.

Minecraft is basically a sandbox game. Very much like FV- except instead of farming you mine. You make your tools, you design and build your own houses- or castles, or ships, or whatever you like. Only thing is, I'm not sure if you can get Minecraft for a MAC- but if you can- ......

Paul has created a series on YouTube showing you how to create everything you need. He created a new world just so he could show you. So if you think you might be interested- have a look at them and then decide if it's for you.

This one is a server tour- he shows you a few of the buildings/houses and a train/roller-coaster type transportation thing, and a few of the other things you can build in Minecraft.
This one is the New World he created and started building in from scratch.
The initial game costs a few $ to buy(around $13.00 I think)-and I do mean a FEW- it's REALLY inexpensive compared to most games for the computer or game console) but for the enjoyment you get out of it.....well worth it in my mind.
You can create multiple worlds to play in if you like, too.

Now the reason I like Minecraft so much is because it's sooooooo much better than FV. You can build the houses/structures the way YOU want them to look, not just pick from what you're offered- with the added bonus of not having to play weeks before you can GET the house. You can have a small one room cottage- or a HUGE castle......whatever you can dream up - if you can build it with a block- you can build it.Your only limit is your imagination- and MY friends all have wonderful imaginations!!!!

There are dogs/wolves on it too- so if you can get a bone by killing a skeleton, you can give it to the wolf/dog and he will be your CONSTANT buddy and defend you against the monsters. But they DO die if they're attacked by the monsters- or if they get hit my a tool like a pickax or a regular axe when you're working and they get in the way.....occasionally they will get caught up in some water-works and drown, like poor Keith in Paul's world. I think that one was a fluke tho.. (But anyway...I'm rambling.....)So you can have a pet. But don't anger the doggies/wolves- the will turn on you if they aren't your pet.

There's monsters......You can play with the monsters ON- or you can set it to peaceful and not have any monsters to worry about. There are Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders and Creepers.
Zombies....well they do what Zombies do- they eat your brains. Skeletons have bows and arrows to shoot at you. The spiders are docile in the day, and turn bad at night.They climb walls unless you can design something that prevents them from doing so(and yes- it can be done). The creepers are monsters that are like gunpowder- they blow stuff up. They especially like catching you unawares and blowing up your nice stuff you've just built. LOL- Luckily, they don't much like sunlight and will go away after a while.

There's lava, there's water, and there's snow and ice. There's diamonds, and gold, and fire-stone. There's iron, and lapis and roses. There's coal and pumpkins. There's sand- and with sand and a furnace you can make GLASS for windows or a Greenhouse or a glass house even... and cactus and polished stone and cobblestone. And grass and trees. And sheep for wool to make carpets and beds and paintings for walls. You can use the roses and lapis to make different colored dyes for dying your wool for different colored carpets too. There's bamboo to make maps and paper and books and bookshelves too. And you can even build a portal with the right materials and go to the NetherWorld- which is a hostile environment with lots of Lava and fire and cliffs...but there's also Netherrack and glow-stone . Netherrack is stone that makes a roaring fire and glow-stone makes light. So many things to make and place.

You can play solo- or you can find a public server to play with other people.... or you can pay something like 8.00 a month for a subscription to your OWN server so you can play with only who you invite.

As you can see- I REALLY DO like it. A LOT.

So go look at Paul's videos- they are each less than 15 minutes long- and then see what ya think.

Happy Playing!!!

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Minecraft is fantastic! Nice writing :)