Monday, February 23, 2015


In view of my post yesterday, I have decided that I MUST view less TV. I have a couple of shows I REALLY enjoy on Monday Nights, so I'm keeping Monday Nights...
Then Friday Nights are really good nights for the Soap I'm keeping that night too. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, tho- I can do without TV....I reserve the right to watch TV on the weekends if Hubby wants to watch a movie together, but otherwise- I don't think I'll bother. I can use the time to do more workouts...or to write and work on my books and my blogs.....and do a bit of photography with my new gear, as well.  Weather hasn't permitted me to go out so far. I might have done this weekend, but my camera and lenses aren't weatherproof so I wasn't chancing it, and it's a good thing, too! We had snow- sleet- AND rain off and on all weekend! And they're calling for Snow and Blizzard conditions for the next few days too, now.

I'll believe it when I see it to be honest.

Oh My Gosh......AND this happened today- it was a REALLY GOOD day!!!

First off- one of Hubbys co-workers came in with a case of MONSTER drinks. And my very favorite Monster Drink is Mean Bean.....basically Expresso and milk in a can. Well, over here they are called Midnight. And he brought me one! GREAT start to my Birthday Week!!

And THEN....I got this in a text....

The story behind this is....

A few years before I moved over here to England, my mama gave me some of her jewelry. Two pieces in particular were REALLY pretty but very outdated.
One was a choker necklace made with  Paste(I'm assuming) bagguette "diamonds". The other was a "Sapphire" brooch(pin) and matching earrings set that my Dad's dad had given her on their wedding day as a Christmas/Wedding gift. (Mom and Dad were married on Christmas Day)..

I LOVED the stones but hated the setting they were in....I would never wear them, so they sat in my jewelry box for years and years. Then somehow, in the move one of the biggest stones in the brooch went missing. So when I saw that I decided to have them redesigned. Never mind they were paste- it's the sentimental value of them. So I started looking and all the jewelry shops said no...and no....and no.....and NO. Finally, I found Ashely Davison who is a Jewelry Designer and mummy of two of the sweetest little girls!
Her company is called MOEM Designs.
I gave her an idea of what I wanted. A piece of jewelry that represented  several things......My parents...Me and Paul, My three kids....the moon, the stars, and water.

A HUGE bill to fill. But she agreed to take on the project....... and so it began. Prelim sketches back and forth....then photgraphs as each bit was completed with tweaking at each and every stage.
And finally- after 9 long but interesting months, The final product. It was actually supposed to have swavorski crystals across the top and in the curve of the bottom to represent the stars and water, but I looked at the photo of it before she did it and asked her to not add them. I think it would have been too much and the  baguettes across the top on one side can represent the stars and going down the curve of the crescent on the other side was a perfect representation of the Stars and the water. My mom and dad represented on the upper left and paul on the lower side leading down to my children represented in the three stones at the bottom centre of the piece. Simple, elegant- just my style.

I couldn't be happier!!!

And now the forcast is calling for dropping temps, snow, and Blizzard-like conditions for the next few days. Oh I'm praying we get snow- but not the blizzard like conditions.

The day my mama and daddy took me home from the hospital, there was 18 inches of snow on the ground.
History repeating it's self, perhaps?

I hope so- but I'll believe it when I see it.
In the meantime- It's been a wonderful start to my Birthday Week!!! 

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