Saturday, February 21, 2015

Interesting Days.....

I have my first interview almost completed and will be publishing here in a few days. I also have two more in the works and I have three more I'm working on getting approval on. Good times.

I've been inspired by my blogger friend, Michael, a published author and a busy guy recently!!! Check him out here. He is a VERY interesting character and I love his work. Very inspirational, our Michael!!!

Also, I've instigated a weight loss challenge at work starting from 23rd FEb  and ending April 1. We've had them before and first one worked well, but the others kind of fell flat....the other challengers would bring in treats to tempt the others to eat- and then we would all end up usually less than the others(all GUYS, I might add) but occasionally I would partake as well. It usually ended up me losing 10 or 15 lbs- and them losing two or one case one of the guys actually GAINED 12 lbs!! (No willpower whatsoever-I tell ya!!)

Well, this time I upped the ante a bit.
I said this time that if -COLLECTIVELY- we lost 10 lbs for EACH participant, I would bring in a FRED for each of us the Friday after the challenge ended.

One of the guys said that wasn't really fair- because that was a LOT of weight to lose. I said exactly- and because of it
1) We wouldnt be bringing in naughty food to try and tempt the others.
2) We would be trying to lose a bit MORE than our allotted 10 lbs to make up for the slack of another person if they didn't quite make it to their 10 lb goal.

They seemed to see the logic in that. Plus- they all want FRED.

What's FRED, you ask?

Well, this same group also have a Sandwich Swap every few months.... you make a sandwich, name it, label it and bring it in for lunch. Then we write the name of our sammich on a slip of paper, then put it in a bowl/box/hat and we each draw to see which sammich we get for lunch. It's just something to do to try something new and be adventurous....out of the ordinary lunch we would normally have. Sort of putting yourself in someone else's shoes for an hour.

I named my Philly Cheese Steak sammich FRED. And those guys LOVE Fred.

So- as One of our participants said- I've upped the STAKES(Steaks)... (Witty Guy!!)

And I haven't told them yet- but if we can make ONE POUND over HALF our goal, I'll bring in Freds anyway- Just for the effort!!!

In other was snowing here this morning. HUGE snowflakes the size of quarters......But, now it's stopped and the sky is blue and the sun is shining with the birdies singing in the treetops. I just can't catch a snow-break. 

Luckily, Husband and I have ordered our groceries to be delivered to us this evening and we decided to have a quiet weekend in. We ordered pizza last night- so no cooking or cleanup for us after a long day at work......we slept in this morning....and we will be catching up on the laundry and such today and have a lazy Sunday tomorrow as well.

Right now, I'm waiting on one set of interview questions, working on the other two sets of interview questions, and am getting ready to email the other three persons I have in mind for interviews to ask if they will agree to be interviewed- or in one case re-interviewed.

I'm also still playing around with my new camera, so maybe tomorrow I might get around to taking some decent photos to post on my P52!!!

It's a good thing I have that cloning machine. :)


Michael Dodd said...

Looking forward to your interviews. And thanks for the mention! You are too kind. ;-)

Michael Dodd said...

PS -- I will be happy to do an interview. See my response to your comment on my blog for the email address.

Sunny said...

Wonderful!! You will be hearing from me in a couple of days!!