Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Gutted....But It's All Good!!

I'm absolutely gutted.

Today is my Birthday (55, thanks for asking!) and my necklace hasn't arrived.
And it was mailed uninsured. It wasn't worth a lot of money- but as I wrote in my post yesterday- it's the sentimental value that cant be replaced.

Praying it makes it to me, somehow, soon.

Otherwise- today was a good day.
I got several cards from co workers and family. I got a bit of cash-(Thanks Joan N Glenn!!) And I bought myself pink and white roses and white filler flowers....and one of my office mates(Melinda) bought be some lovely white flowers that are native only to the UK- and they smell HEAVENLY.
AND My mom got HER Pink and white IT'S A GIRL Bouquet I ordered from the florist for my birthday.
I think that on the day a baby is born- the mum gets all kinds of special attention from everyone...but after that- it's all the kids day and mom gets forgotten. Well, I don't. I send my mom a pink and white bouquet every year for my Birthday with a card and a balloon that says It's a Girl. And I thank her for being my mommy.

I'm glad I can make her smile.

Hubby ordered us dinner in- I got a card from him and a BIG hug this morning. Now, if you don't know my hubby you won't realize how special that really was. He's a bit of a bear until he's been awake for an hour and gotten his first cup of tea in him. Same as me with my coffee. So for him to get up and come straight into the kitchen and wrap his arms around me and give me a hug and kiss and say "Happy Birthday, Sweetie!"...Well That was like winning the LOTTERY on my Birthday!!

And I can't tell you how many people said:
a) they were amazed I gave my real age on my e-mail
b) I did NOT look my age at all.
....The tradition is in the office- when it's your birthday- YOU bring in snacky treats for the office to nibble on instead of them bringing gifts.( I kinda like that too- you spend £20 or so to buy a few snacks for the ones who want to partake instead of buying each person who has a birthday a small gift...that can add up to some serious dosh in an office of 100 and a few!) So, when you bring the snacks out you send an email to the office mates letting them know where they are at so if they want they can come by and have a nibble and wish the Birthday Girl/Boy Happy Days.

Anyway- I'm not ashamed of my age. I laughed and told them I usually tell anyone who asks I'm 10 years older than my actual age-(cause then they look at me and think WOW- you REALLY LOOK GREAT to be that age) but since it's a hallmark age this year I am telling the truth.

Anyway- except for the necklace not showing up- it's been a pretty great day !!!!


Michael Dodd said...

A very happy day and year to you from Michael and Tom; and Damien and Daniel; and Sundance and Cassidy!

Sunny said...

Awwwww...TY Y'all!!!