Saturday, February 07, 2015

It Wasnt A Good Day.....

Well, today I'm going to be a bit of a crybaby and have a huge massive whinge.....and hope I don't upset anyone.- Mainly my bezzie.

Yesterday was an absolutely horrendous day for me. I came into the office with the remnants of the 4 day migraine still drilling holes in my head. So I get in, make myself a coffee and take more tablets for it.
As the morning wears on, more and more people come in and as they do, my irritation grows and grows and grows.

We have a copier that is noisy as hell sitting almost right beside my desk. The stupid repairman- last time he was in two weeks ago- left not only his screwdriver lying in the desk beside the copier- but TWO SCREWS too!....Now I don't know about y'all- but where I come from, extra parts being left over when you put something back together is NOT a good thing. And ever since then, the copier has sounded like a damn Mina bird every time each and every single sheet of paper has come thru it. Drives us to distraction. Like a faucet dripping constantly. This has to be some form of cruel and inhuman punishment and against  the law, right?

Next on the list is the girl that sits behind me. I think she's from Poland or Romania or somewhere and let me tell you- she beats the HELL out of her keyboard on her computer. OMG- seriously, She hits those keys like she is trying to kill Freddy Kruger with a shovel. Every single day I have to sit there and force myself  to not turn around and ask her is she mad at it or ask her what in the world did it do to her to deserve that kind of treatment?!!!

Now, also- speaking of LOUD, I have a loud talker who sits beside me.  I don't know if it's because he has hearing problems himself or if  he just wants/likes the attention but this guy talks at the decibel level of a chainsaw running at full speed.  It drives me to insanity. And the worst part is he repeats himself at least 4 times EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION he has on the phone. This is an open office plan too- so asking to be moved to another desk wont solve the problem. Neither will asking him to take it down a notch or two because he does- for about 2 minutes and then it's back to full volume again. And both he AND the office mate on the other side of my desk are space infringers. We each have the same size desks. But for some unknown reasons, they have to inch their papers/phones/ calculators onto MY desk space and get in my way of doing MY work. And they both also tend to have little mini meetings with their "people" and then their people drop THEIR stuff on my desk or worse- lean or sit in the corner of it. OMG- I cant stress how much THAT infuriates me!!! And yes- I have told them they need to move their asses when they do that. Disgusting.

And speaking of disgusting, The loud talker has a habit of making himself a cup o soup at 10:15 on the dot. I don't know what kind of soup it is but it makes me want to heave. I'm talking garbage bin bag after 2 weeks kind of smell. Nuff said about that.

We also have the giggling school-girls. Two of them sit over in the corner and chat back and forth and then howl in laughter...or have long drawn out giggle fests. I don't have a THING against having a bit of a chat and a giggle and making light - it makes the day go so much faster, but quietly.....other people quite possibly have work that needs to get done and find that sort of thing REALLY distracting!!

And then I went to do my printing- and even tho I went downstairs and got printer paper and filled the printers up when I first got there in the morning- the copier was empty.  |And as I was there there was two people walking up opening up the paper drawers to steal paper from it for scratch paper. I let them all have an earful. Lazy asses cant be bothered to go across the hall to get a notepad for their scratch paper- no they have to come steal copier paper out of the copier when we are low on it in the supply room anyway. There is NO excuse for it- at all.

Then just as I thought my day couldn't get any worse, I was texting with my bezzie and asked her was we still on for our outing on my birthday? I said if she couldn't it was okay, I just needed to know in case I needed to make alternate plans.....and I really actually thought that was the case. 
But I was kidding myself.
We went to the fashion show together a few months ago- the only real girl-time we have been able to spend together since she moved away. We had to cancel Thanksgiving dinner together because I had just come out of a week long stay in the hospital for an intestinal problem and I was on doctors orders to stay in and stay pretty much in bed to recuperate. That about killed me- not being able to do our Dinner because we had both planned for MONTHS. Well, we then decided to spend a girly day together on My Birthday end of this month., do some shopping, maybe have our nails done or hair- a lovely lunch somewhere nice- just me and my Bezzie.
And then she texted and said she couldn't get the day off from work.
I sat there at my desk and tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn't believe how disappointed I was. I tried to shake it off as just one of those things...but after a half hour of trying to hold it back- I went to the ladies and cried.
And then I cried some more. And then I cried again when I got home.
I know things happen to change plans....Of ALL people I certainly know that. But apparently, I was looking forward to it much more than I thought I was. I'm sorry- I know she will read this and I know she will prob feel bad and I don't want her to feel bad about it because it certainly isn't her fault.
On the other hand, I do want her to know that she really is my Bezzie and she always will be. I love spending time with her and the time we do get to spend together is even more precious to me now since we live so far apart. So forgive me, Li......I had to get it out of my system.

But now I have to buck up and  get back to it. It's the weekend- and I don't have think about the crap at the office.
And there certainly will be other Goddess Days for me and my Bezzie.

Patience is a I've heard.


Michael Dodd said...

The problem with patience is that it is so damn slow arriving when you need it! May your days be better, may you find a way to laugh about the noise and may you and your Bezzie get to spend quality time somewhere peaceful and loverly and serene real soon.

[When I was first in Mexico studying, things constantly drove us crazy. We turned it into a joke: "It's part of the charm." Find someone else in your office and tell them the joke and then you can look at one another knowingly when this crap is going on and whisper, "Charming, I'm sure!"]

Sunny said... it!!! Thanks Michael!! I needed a bit of a chuckle!! X

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