Sunday, July 03, 2016

Bits and Bobs....And the 4th of July

Well, This has been a very emotional weekend and it's not even over yet.

We went to Haydock/St. Helens yesterday and picked up some packages from the parents house. I had got hubby to order me a set of Cards Against Humanity for my visit home. On Thanksgiving I'm hoping I can get a few of the family to paly it with me. It's fun and I know they will love it once they get into it. I got the UK version, but I'm going to get the US version also to add to it so it will be evened out a bit. The only US version that was available was almost a hundred dollars so I got the starter version of the UK one first. It's actually generic enough to be able to understand for us all.

As I said earlier- I started my new eating plan on Friday- with a Famine day. So, Saturday while we were in Haydock/St Hels, we stopped at Burger King for our usual Saturday Brunch and I got a Bacon Double Cheeseburger meal. This is after about 30 hours of no food -by that time of day. That was an awesome burger, let me tell you. My taste buds came ALIVE after no food the day before. I prob should have went for the smaller version of it, to be honest as my tummy was FULL by the time I finished it. But it was okay....I ate a lot less when I got home and made Paul and I a late light supper of Turkey Roll ups, scrambled eggs and hash brown triangles. And I had a Mint choc bar and with all that I was barely over my 2000 cal for the day. Only by 122 calories. So next time I can adjust what I eat a bit.  And be a bit UNDER the 200.... I can get the smaller version of the Burger and fries for a savings of over 600 cals.  So there you go.  I can eat out and not go nuts.

Okay so anyway.....I also got a new lippy. I've been having a problem with wearing my makeup the way I want, because my hubby doesn't like to "wear " my lippy when I'm wearing it and he kisses me. So I've been having to do my lipstick after we get to work and I go upstairs because if I have on lipstick hubby tends to give me either "Air" kisses or a peck on the cheek. I don't like those. I feel like I'm being friend zoned by my own hubby!! And I dont like going out with my make-up half done either so iI've been having to choose between having my makeup done and looking good or getting kisses from hubby. And of course Hubby wins-every time.
Well, I asked my UK Bezzie Betty if she could suggest a kissable lippy over here in the UK since the one I used in the states doesn't seem to be sold here, and she told me which one she quite likes. I finally found it a couple of weeks ago- but they were out of the two shades I know would suit me. So I kept looking and kept looking and finally yesterday- they had it!!!! - well, one shade of it anyway.

It's advertised as a 16 hour color-stay lipstick. I kept my fingers crossed and put it on when we got home yesterday afternoon. Easy- put it on- wait about 60 seconds for it to dry then coat with the clear overcoat. Wait til it dries- another minute- you're done.  After an hour- I made me and hubby a brew.....and not a bit of lippy on my cup. Nothing. I hadn't said anything to hubby at that point....I waited.
So we watched a movie, ate our light supper, our usual. He got up- went to the study to record a video  for his gaming channel and as he did so I decided to try the lippy to see just how kissable it was. I kissed the palm of my hand to see how it did. My jaw dropped. Nothing after a few hours, still!!! I did it again. A bit harder.  Nothing.
So I followed hubby into the study and showed him on my hand. He got up- grabbed me and gave me a big smeary OTT kiss with a LOT of lip movement. Pulled away- Nothing. Not even a TINY faint smudge. His reaction....."Holy Crap!!!!" And he's been kissing me -OFTEN- ever since!! And of course I cried- happy tears of course.
I fell asleep in my recliner last night and when I woke up I just turned off the lights and went straight to bed- I forgot to take my makeup off. When I got up this morning- it was STILL on my lips where I left it- none on my pillowcases, none on my face, none on the sheets- and when I looked in the mirror- only the inside of my lips nearest my teeth was starting to fade just a tiny bit!!!

Thank You RIMMEL of London for creating PROVOCALIPS!!!!!!! And thank you Betty!!!!!

Okay so on to other things. I called my Bezzie, Rhonni, and altho she was getting ready for work we had a very nice conversation. I didn't keep her long, but we plan to speak again soon to have a catch-up. I miss her so much!!!! Thelma & Louise forever!!!

I also called my Uncle Freddy to see how he was doing. Last time we spoke he had the flu and was feeling really poorly. No answer so I assumed he was out and about and feeling better than the last time we spoke. I'll catch up with him again later on. I also had a lovely conversation with my Sis-in-law Doris and later on with my Baby Brother, Charlie. They're getting geared up for their new home to be built in the next couple of months. I'm so excited for them!!!!
I was going to call my daughter too- but all her kids were out of the house for the day and she had ALONE time so I let her enjoy it. A nap, bubble bath, watching whatever SHE wants on TV....Go for it baby Girl!! I know how precious and rare those moments/hours are, so I let her be yesterday.

It's 4th of July weekend so I've been listening to all my favorite songs for the Holiday. Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA is one of my particular favorites. Especially this version by an a Capella group called Home Free.

 And of course it sets my homesickness in full blast and I'm crying. Thank God for waterproof mascara!

Happy Independence Day
to One and All!!


Michael Dodd said...

I woke up this morning with "America the Beautiful" running through my head. I guess it will be my patriotic earworm of the day. Happy Fourth!

Lavada said...

Happy Independence Day to you and Tom, Michael!! And of course the Feline furbabies!!!

Hope y'all have had a fabulous Holiday Weekend!!! xo