Thursday, July 07, 2016

Little Fish/ Invisible Fish

There is a possibility there may be VERY adult language in this post. 

If you are easily offended- I would advise you read no further.

Yes, it's going to be a vent. I haven't said more than two words in the past 2 hours. It has to be some kind of record for me. Except for when I was in the hospital almost dead. I'm stewing. No- I'm LIVID.

I had a really bad day- and it's all because of communication...The lack of- and the excessive amount of as well.

At the risk of being accused of living in the past- I was a bit of a troubleshooter in my old job. I worked with a person who listened to what I said and trusted my judgement in situations. They went to a site- and a few weeks later, I would be transferred to the same site at their request. I would work there for a few months- or a few weeks(some things you could see right away- others took a bit more time to uncover) and then I would write out a report or have a meeting or both- with the Big Boss and report on what  I had seen. I would say- this is a problem, this is why it's occurring, and this is how I see a possibility of it be remedied. The Boss LISTENED, asked questions, and let me  have my say- they followed the vine as I went along and didn't ONCE interrupt me to say NO. They listened to me from start to finish and then asked their questions.....usually I answered them in the vine before the end of my presentation saving us all a lot of time wasting and backtracking and getting off course.
Then, afterwards, they went off on their own and looked at what I had presented and talked amongst themselves and then decided what could be implemented and what truly wasn't  viable.   What I said and observed MATTERED. I was a Little Fish in a Big Pond- but I mattered as much as the big fish because I could see things that were hidden away and swept under the rug when the Big Boss Fish were around, so to speak, just to make the outside look all shiney and perfect.

Now, I feel like an Invisible Fish in the desert. I see things that could be fixed, but before I even get it halfway out of my mouth I'm dismissed as you dont know what you are talking about and it's not going to happen. I've been there 4 years and I see all kinds of things that could be improved upon. People need to say "I'm doing this today and so YOU dont need to do this"- or "you DO need to do this." Not just a casual "I spent all morning doing this"  and that being it. I dont know what your doing that has to do with what I do unless you TELL me it will impact my part of the process.  And for God's sake- people would have a LOT more time to do their own jobs if they stopped having 20 minute conversations with people about what they did in their bloody back garden over the weekend 12 times a day!! And then immediately going out afterwards of having those conversations to have a 10 minute smoke break.  I cant ask questions about what you've done if you are off having a chitchat about this or that or helping some in another department do their work. And I'm fucking SICK of it. I'm sick of getting yelled at and bitched and moaned at about  something not happening because something was moved and I wasn't informed in a clear and concise manner.
And another thing- if you are having conversation with others in your area- use your INSIDE voices- no one wants to hear the little inside jokes when they dont understand and no one understands the inner workings of your area of expertise so the other departments dont need to hear the details. It's nothing but distracting and in an open concept office with 75 people in it it's just too much!

And about office etiquette... when you go to have a discussion with a person, DO NOT LEAN, PROP, OR SIT YOUR ASS DOWN ON ANOTHER PERSON'S DESK TO HAVE THAT DISCUSSION. If you feel the need to do any of those things, do it on the persons desk you are talking with......or better yet- pull up an empty chair and sit in it beside the person you came to see like the civilized person you were brought up to be.

Also, if you are hungry, buy your own lunch, do not take another persons lunch out of the fridge. If it doesnt belong to you- leave it alone is a very good rule of thumb.
That same rule also applies to if you are talking with someone and need to write something down. DO NOT just pick up someones writing implement and use it and MAYBE then ask do you mind.
YES, I DO MIND- one of my pet peeves is having someone use my damn pen. I do not know where your hands have been or if you wash your hands after going to the loo- so I dont want anyone's hands on MY pen except me....The only exception to that rule is my hubby as he works in the same building as I do. Everyone else just needs to keep their bloody hands OFF all my things.

If I'm on my phone at my desk- dont assume I'm just faffing about on company time. I'm on my bloody break. I have a sick mom and she is frequently in the hospital and my family text me to keep me updated on her condition.  Alll the other people take 10 minute smoke breaks....when I need a break I pull out my phone and check my texts- it takes about 3 minutes- a HELL of a lot less time than it does to smoke a cigarette.  And if I'm outside not smoking- I'm stretching my legs and back. Dont ask me why I'm out if I dont smoke. It's not a good idea to sit at a desk for 9 hours straight without a break and I'll be damned if I'm risking my health for a company who doesnt give a crap about anything  but how much they can get out of you.
I give my best to the company while I'm at work and ask for damn little in return.

I dont want to sound like the Office Nazi here, I like a bit of a nice chat to make the day go by faster too, but everything we do impacts the other people around us. Use your BRAIN!!! Keep unnecessary
cit-chat to an acceptable level. Some people need to be able to hear themselves think and concentrate to do their work....or hear the other person on the other end of the phone. And if you have time to dilly-dally about all day- you clearly dont have enough to do....I have some work you can help with. Be my guest.

End of Rant....... For now.


Betty Rage said...

I totally understand. People at my place like to use my desk as a dumping ground. They just dump papers that look like scraps, letters and other shit that I am supposedly able to read minds and know why they put it there. So I told everyone e any paper dumped on my desk gets thrown in the garbage unless you come up to me to hand me the paper, explain what it is like a thoughtful person.



Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, Betty!!!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel. It's one of the reasons I left BV, they really don't care.
I have never come across a company so badly run.
They have no idea how many good people they are loosing and will loose due to being totally inept.
They are all on their little power trips in their own little empires.
Chin up, ignore and carry on.