Sunday, July 24, 2016

Research Concluded...

Next Friday or Saturday I will be setting up and recording my first Vlogpost.

I have done research. Have figured out a simple(ish) solution of where to record it, and done an impressive job of  Building my confidence up to actually do the job.

I had a day of carry-over holiday I have to use before the end of July(a case of use it or lose it, I'm afraid) so I took the 29th off to do all the prep work for it.  With any luck at all you should be able to see it here on Sunday Afternoon/Evening depending on where you are in the world.

If there is anything you would like me to talk about or answer, please leave  a comment and I'll do my best to accommodate. I have a beginning bit but have left a bit of fill time in case there's something like this to add in. And if not- I have a backup plan for that too. I'm nothing if not organized. Or OCD. Whichever. :)

Believe me when I say- like writing a novel, trying to figure out the first sentence is the hardest bit.

 I hope to get a decent blog post in before then. But as for now, I have nothing much except for a note that my Fast & Feast continues to work brilliantly for me.

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