Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bits & Bobs

Heheheheeh .

SLers will no doubt recognize that title.

Okay- it must be the week for these type blog-posts cause Ozzy and a couple other of my regular blog-reads just did one as well.
So without further ado....

I'm back to having weird dreams again. Odd combinations of both real life situations and fantasy and TV that I have watched lately. I hate those dreams.

Late night drive-thrus.
OMg There was the worst case of rudeness i have ever seen the other night- and at the same time an act of kindness so sweet that i had to smile.
Went thru the drive thru to get a drink before heading into work. Had five minutes to spare to get to work- and since the eatery I stopped at is less than a block from my job thought I had it made.
Now this particular establishment is NOT known for it's timeliness not its quality service from it's slacker employees-(Why I don't know cause its on the upscale side of town) but since it was just a drink i thought I was in the clear.
well as luck would have it- the line was completely clear but just as i turned into the lot a truck zipped in front of me and pulled in to the drive thru and ordered. i had my window down and heard what the guy ordered, nothing special, just a burger combo and a drink.
He was polite in ordering and had his money-a ten waiting as he drove up to the window. i was THAT close!!
Well he pulled up and handed the guy the ten, and the guy closed the window on him. Sat there for 10 mins and the employee came and gave the guy a bag. The guy in front of me asked for his change and the employee told him to go fuck himself. I couldn't believe my ears. He closed the window again and so the guy knocked on the window and again asked-politely- for his change explaining that he had given him a ten and the combo was only a bit over 6 dollars.
And the employee laughed at him and told him he dropped it on the ground(which he DIDNT) and if he wanted his change he could get out and look for it on the ground.
Needless to say, by this point the customer was PISSED, and who can blame him. He was on a cellphone calling corp headquarters from what i could hear of the conversation, and as he hung up- he came back to my car and told me what had happened- or started to explain before I told him I heard it all and saw it too. He then told me that he wasn't going to move from there til the manager got there and he apologized for any inconvenience it might have caused me- but I told him I completely understood and gave him my work # in case he needed verification for the manager when he arrived. Then the guy walked back and held the car that was going to pull into the drive thru up so i could back up and not be any later for work.( It was one of those kinds of drive-thrus that once you get in line you have to stay in line because of the curbing and the landscaping around it-I HATE those places that try to keep you trapped in line-don't you?)
Bless him for that small act of kindness.

Anyway, I've vowed to not do the Late Night Drive-Thru ever again. If we want to eat out at 3AM, Pauli and I can go to the Waffle House and go IN!


February has been a month of way too many extra incidentals added to our budget.
First, we had to get me an eye exam and my glasses re-ordered. I cannot read for crap with my old ones and that took a couple-three hundred dollars. Then, I had to re-new my drivers Liscense- another thirty dollars. and NOW we're having to replace a trans filter in my auto.
I wanted to go out for my Birthday and do something FUN- like a movie- or a picnic-since the weather is unseasonably warm for the next few days- but no way are we gonna be able to do it. Hell, its like this month we have had to put out more money for odd, off-the-wall crap like that than we spent on Christmas.
March has GOT to be better.
On the upside, tho I have a wonderfully sweet elder son who is doing the actual labor on my vehicle for a birthday prezzi, so we don't actually have to put any money into getting it fixed!
Thank you Frank, sweetie!


what else?, KNEW I should have written it all down in an outline so I wouldn't forget anything.

To Be Continued..............................................................................................................


OzzyC said...

I'd love to find out the rest of the drive through story... from the guy's point of view.

BTW, the reason the service sucks on the rich side of town is because all of the rich kids -- you know, the ones with the entitlement mentality -- work there.

"What, I have to WORK for my paycheck? I don't think so, mommy and daddy just GIVE me this much money all the time, but they said I had to get a job. Well, I've got a job, but I'm certainly not going to WORK!"

Anonymous said...

Guess Ozzy's right! They don't seem to teach that the customer is always right anymore.
Sorry for all the extra added expenses....ugh! I hate when that happens.
Hope your Birthday is great anyway.