Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Open Mouth-Insert Foot... and other stuff...........

First of all, let me thank everyone-ESPECIALLY my sweet hubby, Paulius- who made my birthday so special.
Thanks for all the well wishes , cards, gifts, calls and visits to me.
And a special thanks to TopCat- the day I posted about wanting to go see Ghost Rider and not seeing it happening this weekend- a card arrived from her with two tickets to our local theatre!! Now tell me- how many of your friends know YOU that well?

Second of all.........Yeah.....Paulius post about my unfortunate "California" comment.
I actually AM very well educated and intelligent. Really, I am- it's just that sometimes I open my mouth and without thinking say the first thing that comes to mind. And usually with those results.
I suppose I really AM blonde to the bone.

On another note, I wanna ask you guys a question- sort of a moral or ethics type question......

Okay so, say a loved one ,(your child), had been murdered and the killer(s) had never been caught. Then, four years after the murder the detective-in-charge of the case came to you asking for your permission to exhume the body to take a hand-print. This was only being asked because it was the only thing standing in the way of a "possible" arrest being made in the case and this evidence(a hand-print) would either prove or DIS-prove that the prime suspect(s) were linked to the crime.
Would you allow the exhumation or not?

I go back and forth on this one. I would want the murder to be punished for sure, but the thought of my child being dug up after 4 years disturbs me too. My head would understand that it was only the empty shell there now, but I'm not sure my heart could rationalize it that way.

***I'm listening to NPRs Radio Reader and at the moment Dick Estelle is reading John Grishams new, non-fiction book titled "An Innocent Man".***


Movies..... Pauli and I saw several this weekend- but I think my favorite of all we watched was "JACKASS 2- The MOVIE".
I absolutely HATED the first one, but this new one is hilarious. I don't recommend it for the squeamish at ALL because it really does have some sicko-gross stuff in it....but there are some CLASSIC stunts in it as well!

Still isn't as good as my all time favorite movie tho.......




manda said...

the child thing sounds disgusting to me too, but I'd allow it. I wouldn't want to be standing there watching it happen, but I figure if this is the last thing standing in the way of an arrest, to possibly help the better public, okay. The criminal gets what he deserves, and the rest of society doesn't have to suffer any longer..

btw: office space= not that great.

Anonymous said...


And here I thought you had great taste Manda!!

Hugz- Sunny

Saffyre said...

I would allow it. It would be upsetting, but in this case I would say necessary.

Oh, and i'm sorry but Office Space sucked!

Anonymous said...

Women have NO APPRECIATION of a good movie-(try watching it again tho cause in all honesty- I DETYESTED the movie the FIRST time I watched it as well.)