Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Very Good Day has been a most wonderful day.

I came home and got on the comp for a couple hours (the most I have been on SL for quite a while) and helped a friend get off Help Island so she could start having a bit of FUN in SL.

I went to bed and cuddled with my hubby for a while.

Then I napped, got up a couple hours later and visited with my son and his wife who brought us a HUGE platter of Frosted brownies!!

After which I had a right grand chat with my friend Lois, who lives three states away.

I was gonna go right back to bed but found I couldn't resist playing for a bit with my new interior design program that my darling hubby bought me yesterday when he was buying the awesome keyboard and LAZER mouse since I didn't have but a couple minutes to look at it before having to toddle off to work last night. It's gonna take some getting used to be able to use it properly, but I can see many, many, many hours of enjoyment from this program.

Thank you my darling hubby.
You're perfect as always.

Now I'm back off to bed again.
Hope your V-Day was as wonderful as mine.

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